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  1. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I'll raise you Tom Shillue:
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

  3. Top Gun: Maverick Official Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update: Real Navy Pilot reviews pg. 4

    My son was home last weekend. He is an aerospace engineer who works for NavAir San Diego on the Super Hornet team. He gave me this hat: I asked him about TG 2 and he said, yeah that plane has been on base--even has Maverick's call sign painted on the side. I asked him a bunch of other...
  4. The Marlboro Man wont be having a smoke for breakfast.

    In case you haven't seen Thank You for Smoking, you should.
  5. Database error when logging in to NES

  6. Veterans Day 2019

    Thanks, dad. Thanks Uncle John.
  7. Database error when logging in to NES

    Yeah, I tried that. No difference
  8. Eastern Security Safe Black Friday Blow Out!

    Love my Eastern safe, and the delivery folks are top notch.
  9. Where to buy skis/boots

    " I uselessly only work Saturdays " One of my favorite typos ever
  10. Wife's emotional affair?

    There's no such thing as an "emotional affair." It's either a friend, of which most of us have of both sexes, or someone looking to get into her--well, you know. Proceed accordingly.
  11. Where to buy skis/boots

    I'll ask her. I still remember trying to melt three different colors of PTex to fix the bottoms (they were red, white, and blue for those who are youngens). Still mostly ended up black.
  12. Where to buy skis/boots

    Thanks. I genuinely appreciate your offer. I did try boarding a while back--still painful and it didn't really do it for me. My two nephews are remarkable shredders--upside down as often as not. I have partial paralyzation of the tibialis anterior from the accident and it's not easy to...
  13. What Truck do you drive?

    Six pages and no Titans? It's primary job is to pull the boats, at 12 mpg.
  14. Where to buy skis/boots

    Thanks all. I haven't personally skied in years. I raced most of my young life--Eastern, Nastar, high school, and college. Then one day a high speed accident left me with a spiral fracture of the tibia and fibula and a year in a toe to crotch cast. My few attempts to get back on the horse...
  15. Where to buy skis/boots

    I'd like to get my wife some new skis and boots for the upcoming season. Our local ski shop in Hadley is gone. Any advice for places to look (I'm in the Pioneer Valley of WMass). I know there was a guy here a while ago (ivarr?) who worked at a ski shop, but I haven't heard from him for a while.
  16. Database error when logging in to NES

    When I click on the bookmarked page for NES I get a "database error" message and have to go to the url to login. Is this only on my end?
  17. 25% off LL Bean; 30% off Coach

    I just read the fine print and it says one-time use only. Maybe it's been used. Oops
  18. Roast Beast owner: "I'll never open in MA again!"

    I too enjoy a spirited and collegial discussion. That's how we learn. I have become too accustomed to texting autocorrect so I often type i in emails assuming it will become capped, but it's not. I am a frequent victim of Muphry's Law.
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