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  1. Removable stock legal?

    Does it fold or telescope? Those are the definitions in the federal AWB that are incorporated, by reference, into the MA AWB. As an example, the SCAR stock is removable, it's how you remove the bolt and carrier. The rifle isn't designed to be fired with the stock removed, and when a dealer...
  2. Oscillating Tool Recommendation

    I find myself going back and forth on these, can never decide.
  3. A new Ap for MA pond depth

    Does it have an option to offset the depth by the layer of guns lost in boating accidents?
  4. New Gun Giveaway! Win an FN SCAR 17S

  5. Recommend an accessory light for a G19

    In my opinion the WML is a supplement to a good handheld, not an alternative. I don't think it's wise to rely solely on a WML. One of the cons is, like you said, the beam is tied to the bore axis. As was mentioned upthread though, most handgun beams have a fair amount of spill and the hotspot is...
  6. Glock announces G44 in .22LR

    The slide is plastic so it'll cycle. They received a patent in 2013 for a part metal/part plastic slide specifically for cycling with less energetic cartridges like sims or .22. By my quick napkin math, the RMR is 10% of the weight of an unmilled 19 slide. The RMR is like 30% of the weight of...
  7. Aftermarket Glock mags

    Thanks for the reply, good to know about seating. I actually haven't experimented with any full 10 rounders on closed slides, again my experience stems from slide lock reloads with an aftermarket magwell. It would make sense if the mold was actually shorter that both would be affected (mag catch...
  8. US military testing water-penetrating bullets

    Don't underestimate the surprise factor of a round traveling at a blistering 44 fps.
  9. Aftermarket Glock mags

    From what I can measure, new OEM 10 round G19 mags are like 0.02" to 0.03" shorter (mag catch cutout to top of baseplate) than the OEM 15-round mags of any age, which makes them very difficult to seat, and a very tight fit, with some aftermarket magwells. Edge case and you may not care but I...
  10. Glock announces G44 in .22LR

    Honestly hope it’s the G46.
  11. Bolt Carrier

    Sons of Liberty Gun Works is also a solid choice for BCGs, not as inexpensive as Toolcraft, on par with BCM, less expensive than LMT.
  12. Biden: Ban 9mm Pistols

    *sigh* FINE, you win, I guess I'm switching over to 0.355x0.754.
  13. Beginner bow for 10 yr old, advice please.

    I can say I had a good experience at Big Al's in Salisbury this past weekend. My 6 and 8 year old are interested in trying archery, and since I have almost no exposure, and we have archery ranges at my club (shoot rifle and pistol, primarily), I wanted to try a local outfitter as opposed to...
  14. $2k for a few toys

    I've not shot a Canik, good to know that. I should've been more specific when I said "best" because I for sure haven't shot a ton of striker fired stuff, just Glocks, SW, HK, Sig, Walther, Ruger, Springfield.
  15. $2k for a few toys

    Walther PPQ has the best out-of-the-box trigger on a striker in my opinon. VP9 not really in the same class but I'd say second.
  16. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    Glock 19 milled for an RMR (, pro cut), couple preban 19 mags for carry, 17 mags for range/home. Five cases of ammo, one of which is HST (first thursday of every month is 50% off HST at Coursework from a reputable trainer (as an example Sig Academy HG 102, 103...
  17. New Tool Purchase help needed...

    If you’re considering switching systems, base it on the general ecosystem and tool choice and where they lean. I wound up with Milwaukee M12 and M18 based on this. The opinion of a bunch of handy people I know is you can’t really go that wrong with any of the major colors these days. Again, I...
  18. Littleton Residents - We need your help!!! - FFL Attack underway

    Thanks. I was pretty sure I knew the answer but was just checking to highlight that this is new territory.
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