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  1. Food storage vacuum systems

    This is likely due to a leak somewhere, either in the seal or the actual vacuum mechanism. If you feel adventurous you could probably remedy it. We used to use consumer-grade food savers when I worked in the restaurant business, and they obviously wouldn't last long but would have similar issues.
  2. What Club/Range do you belong to?

    Still recommend? The fact that it is also public makes me second guess.
  3. Non-Nerds Need Not Read - Need help with REGEX

    I've had to deal with it several times, and each time I try and try and it never 'clicks'. Just does not make sense.
  4. Franklin won't be down for his kibble

    He looks like such a happy boy. Be glad for what you had and be proud of the life you gave him. Until you meet again! Same. I can count the number of people who have passed who I miss dearly or was upset with their passing on one hand. But dogs...I already started to tear up reading this...
  5. Red Flag standoff in NY

    I’m not in his situation, but I can’t think he’s doing himself any favors by getting drunk.
  6. Red Flag standoff in NY

    Looks like they are trying to get him for 30 round mags. f***ed up, looks like he has a 6 month old kid...
  7. Wife's emotional affair?

    I agree. Similar situation happened to me with a serious GF. I don't have evidence it got physical other than a kiss, but we agreed to try and work it out. Made it two years and it was hell, the trust never came back for me.
  8. Laptop computer advice please

    The only Lenovos I would consider are the Thinkpad T-series. You can find T460/T470 on eBay for decent prices, lots of corporate turn-ins or refurbs, and they will outlast any consumer-grade plastic POS that costs a few hundred more than the Thinkpad. If you are worried about 256GB SSDs, buy...
  9. West Bridgewater: “Home struck from stray rifle round four individuals questioned”

    These high powered rifles capable of breaking a glass window need to be taken off our streets!
  10. Goodbye Brownie Dog

    She was one lucky dog to have been so loved and a part of your family. Until you all meet again, she will be waiting patiently.
  11. General NH questions...

    Thanks for making this thread OP, I'm in the same boat. Less than a month until I will no longer be a MA resident for the first time.
  12. My tick removal crew

    My folks down the Cape started seeing massive rats roaming around their yard...this was out on the outer cape in a quiet area of all private roads, nowhere near any restaurants or any commercial buildings. Come to find out a few people around had chickens in their yard, and these massive rats...
  13. Gun Friendly PC Repair?

    That or he got crypto'd.
  14. New Federal Gun Permit Bill: Red Flag, Registration, and MORE!!

    Oh, he understands just right. He doesn't give a shit.
  15. Gun sales surge 15%, driven by self-protection and Pelosi-Schumer demand for limits

    lets be honest here...there were plenty of (R)'s who helped bump these numbers up.
  16. Oh, Geraldo. Pepridge Farm Remembers!

    Jokes on Geraldo, I only have one small penis
  17. There goes private transfers...

    How perfectly convenient. Great timing all around.
  18. Hurricane Dorian

    I suspect the death and destruction will go down as on par with Maria and Katrina. View: View: View...
  19. Hurricane Dorian

    If you can make the trek, Chatham Light. Coast Guard is right there, and you can get a great view of the break. Right down the road is the fish pier, which usually has a good crowd when the water rises. CG keeps their boats right there too, always interesting. And again right down the road...
  20. Sharks Temporarily Cause Closure Of Cape Cod Beaches

    It just dawned on me that up until maybe 10 years ago, there was no permit required for saltwater fishing. I wonder if anyone has investigated if that has played any part in increasing the number of fish closer to shore. I remember 15-20 years ago there were always shit loads of seals at...
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