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  1. Ben Shapiro: Right-wing hero or opportunistic zero?

    MEH. The guy who made that video comes across as bitter to me more than anything else. His views on Judeo-Christian values being the foundation for Western Civilization isn't something he hides, he wrote an entire book on it. The whole he hates white people is completely out of left-field, he...
  2. More police protecting and serving

    Ahh the good old just following orders comeback. Isn’t it your job to protect and defend the constitution? Good example that if there ever is a “go time” we know where PD will fall.
  3. Wife's emotional affair?

    There are two ways to look at this. A) Your interested in proving any suspicions correct in that she is continuing to do whatever it is she is doing behind your back. If that is the case snoop for passwords and internet history, confront the guy and the myriad of other things some have...
  4. Lori Laughlin

    The part that I find most entertaining is that she spent $500k to get her daughter into USC. When did USC become such a prestigious institution?
  5. The President Trump Megathread

    Good. Maybe they will realize big .gov is useless and realize a small government is a good thing. One can dream right?
  6. Florida Police Using FINDER System to Create Lists of Gun Owners

    So it’s a felony for them to compile a list which is exactly what they did regardless of how they obtained that info. And the powers that be determined that the fact that they compiled a list wasn’t a violation of the law. Ohh and they went ahead and sent that list out to other departments...
  7. Sinaloa Cartel Spanks Mexican Police

    You are paying for it now to fund police, prisons etc.
  8. Sinaloa Cartel Spanks Mexican Police

    In this day and age there is zero excuse for not doing your own homework and understanding the risk when it comes to drugs full stop. Whether the legal or illegal ones. Drugs being illegal is stupid. Either we believe in freedom and respect an individuals choice to make decisions, including...
  9. Some questions about Boston Unrestricted LTC

    Yes it’s hard to get unrestricted in Boston and a lot of the surrounding suburbs. Don’t open carry. It’s legal but your just inviting a world of hurt and trouble on yourself. Same goes for “letting them know” your carrying. Welcome to the forum.
  10. The President Trump Megathread

    He continues to ignore that it’s not a real impeachment inquiry. Pelosi isn’t putting it to a vote for a reason.
  11. Fox Question

    He took off. Based on the responses I think the best option is to put a leash on him and make him my pet if he returns. I called a wildlife vet office and they said to give them a ring if he returns so they can try and capture him and check out his leg.
  12. Fox Question

    Fox has been laying the same spot most of the afternoon.
  13. Fox Question

    I have a fox who’s been hanging around in my yard driving my dog bonkers for a few days now. He’s currently sunning himself in my backyard. I noticed when he was walking around he wouldn’t put any pressure on his back right leg/foot. I will add I’m on the South Shore and not sure if I should...
  14. Sinaloa Cartel Spanks Mexican Police

    There are already millions of them populating cities and towns. It’s a failed experiment that we waste billions on plus it’s led to the militarizing the police.
  15. The President Trump Megathread

    Both parties are off the rails and corrupt. In one corner you have a party that is basically socialist, wants to tax you into oblivion and open up the borders. They at least have the balls to come out an admit it. In the other corner you have a party that pretends to respect liberty but loves...
  16. The President Trump Megathread

    It’s not a real impeachment inquiry. Put it to a vote, make it official and give the minority party the rights they should have in a true impeachment inquiry and then we can talk about the DOJ. This is all just for show.
  17. Didn't RSVP to a wedding, now I'm a jerk

    Still not as bad as replying Yes and not showing up. Venue still charges you for a portion of the expected guest(s) plate. But still a bad move on your part.
  18. Fire alarm not working in leased office space

    This. Depending upon the terms of the lease you may be able to put future payments in escrow until issues are fixed. I would also contact FD yesterday as several others mentioned. Example... company I work for the locations are in not so great areas everywhere and we are starting to have...
  19. Trump Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy

    AKA armed forces from the Western World financed by US taxpayers.
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