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  1. Polymer80 build

    Haha[rofl]. Didn't oil my guide rod. Rusty scissors is an accurate assessment of the sound.
  2. Polymer80 build

    Something to note: When adding an Agency Syndicate polymer magwell to a pf940c, it will cause u-notch G19 mags to no longer catch. There is interference with the base plate and magwell. Square notch should not be a problem. Also, ETS 10rd mags work fine. The magwell was orignally purchased for...
  3. Anyone still have their NES Zippo?

    I remember that group buy. Sadly I didn't get one then. or the lowers with the matching logo. [sad]
  4. Polymer80 build

    Now for the fun part. 17 slide? 34 slide? Ported? Comp? RMR cut? .22LR conversion? Internals? Initially I was thinking 17 w/ported barrel, possibly RMR cut. But if I find a .22LR conversion for cheap enough....that'll get me going while giving more time for picking 9mm components and decide on...
  5. Polymer80 build

    So did you get your shipping update yet? [laugh][rofl]
  6. Polymer80 build

    Sorry about not giving the source! I should re-read my late night posts!!!
  7. Pay someone for sight mods or just buy a sight pusher

    I swapped out the front sight on my Springfield XDS. Went with a brass punch & hammer. Like allen-1 mentions, I had used blue painters tape to cover the slide. Actually a few layers. Had a bench top vise and held the slide in place. I tried to keep the brass punch as low & as close to the...
  8. Polymer80 build

    I see the PF940CL is 50% off right now & there's a coupon code for free shipping as well. :D
  9. Any Bourbon Drinkers??

    Yes, its one to keep in the rotation.
  10. Any Bourbon Drinkers??

    Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit at the moment. Maybe two more pours left and that bottle is gonzo.
  11. Off-hand accuracy @ 100 yards

    This sounds like a great approach!
  12. Off-hand accuracy @ 100 yards

    This is all great input. I was planning on spending some coin on steel targets. This will help me out on figuring out what to buy. I appreciate it!!!
  13. Off-hand accuracy @ 100 yards

  14. Off-hand accuracy @ 100 yards

    Backstory: I had an opportunity to get to the range this AM for a solid 3 1/2 hours. Brought out some .22's to sight in, and brought my AR's (5.56 & 300BLK). One of my buddies went and brought along a 16" steel gong which we set out at 100 yards. It was fairly easy to consistently hit off-hand...
  15. Polymer80 build

    See they’re releasing single stack frames soon?
  16. Show me your watches. :)

    Fishing/hiking/shooting/general outdoors watch. Something I'm not afraid of damaging. Been wearing it off and on since I took the picture, and like how lightweight and comfortable it is with the NATO strap.
  17. Dot vs Circle Dot

    Looking to get a red dot for my 300 BLK, and likely going with the Sig Romeo5 (AAA powered). I can't decide between just the dot, or the circle dot. Putting up a poll - what's your vote & why?
  18. Polymer80 build

    Honestly, I was planning to shit-can it.
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