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  1. S&W 340sc J Frame, .357

    I love my 340PD and it's easy to carry everywhere. .357’s are savage in it, especially on a cold day at the range. "Snappy" would be an understatement, due to the lightweight frame. Double taps are not happening with any accuracy. Also, the flame burst with the .357 at night would kill any...
  2. WTS/WTT Springfield Armory 1911-A1

    Location :South Shore, MA Description : Springfield Armory 1911-A1 5' Model. Parkarized finish. Has had some accessories added, extended mag release, satin slide release and magwell. No box or manual. Great shooter. Selling Terms : FTF Transfer via EFA-10 Price :$550.00 Contact...
  3. CVS and Walgreens announce changes to firearms policies, ask shoppers to not bring guns in

    From the President of CVS, nothing about open carry or concealed. He is requesting that you do not bring firearms into the stores.
  4. Preview of Rachel Rollins New Policies

    I love her dig at Charlie Faker. I’m sure he is rocking back and forth that a Democrat has a low opinion of him. After all, look at all that he has done for them.
  5. Plymouth Show?

    Definitely smaller than the previous years but did find some good deals. Bought a Springfield Armory 1911 w/compensator that was gunsmith by Bob Javery for a fair price and Ruger bearcat for an ever better price. Not a bad trip but it’s only 6 miles down the street for me.
  6. Maura Healy on the Cape today

    I heard something about her banning over ten teeth or something. Only military dolphins should have those.
  7. Maura Healy on the Cape today

    I was surprised how petite she was. Her MSP detail sized us up quick through, Outside of that though a homeless women was losing her sh*t on her. It took about 7 minutes for Barnstable to come over and escort her way.
  8. Maura Healy on the Cape today

    I took that walking in and no, passed on the food. The Hyannis homeless had that locked up like Cape traffic. Lol.
  9. Maura Healy on the Cape today

    Maura was down this afternoon to host a community BBQ, Stopped by with my brother to heckle and was surprised at the lack of turnout of her fans. We were the only ones that seemed to be there that weren’t in support of her. Maybe her fan base is dwindling?! Link Political Notes: Healey to...
  10. Advice and opinions needed for GMC dealerships

    I had a very good experience with Robertson’s GMC in Wareham. Bought a 2017 Sierra from them, I have only positives things to say about the dealership.
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