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  1. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    I'm in Maine for work for a few days. Wife is home and the boiler is running instead of the woodstove out of spite for the fact I'm on a business trip. Women are crazy.
  2. Dean Foods, largest milk producer in U.S., files for bankruptcy leaving the consumer holding the bottle

    Garelick makes a lot of the store branded milks too.
  3. Do diesel pickup trucks need DEF fluid, say from 2019 back to 2012.

    Lots of one ton tow trucks are going back to gas engines. The reliability just isn't there, and the fuel and maintenance costs are just making the choice them
  4. Do diesel pickup trucks need DEF fluid, say from 2019 back to 2012.

    Unless I end up needing to tow heavy again, I'll never buy another diesel. The new ones are unreliable thanks to the EPA, and the old ones like my 7.3 are fairly weak, and loud as hell compared to todays gassers.
  5. Remote Starters - Cost? Advice?

    On my Fusion, you can grab the wipers and move em all over the place with the car off. Then they reset when its started, so that problem wont happen. My wifes 2013 Sorento will struggle to the death if the wipers are frozen
  6. Remote Starters - Cost? Advice?

    What is the car? Some vehicles, like newer GMs for instance, it's a simple computer flash, and new key fobs from the dealership.
  7. First-World Problem Horror Stories

    You lost money on scratch definitely didnt lose it on booze!
  8. Ethanol Free Gas

    I made a visit to the North Hampton airfield a few weeks ago. I filed a 5 gallon VP racing jug, and it was definitely short on fuel dispensed. Didnt notice until I got home. Not a lot, maybe 1/4 gallon, but at $5 a gallon it pissed me off.
  9. Winter 2019 to 2020

    That was one hell of a February! I must have made at least 6K plowing that month, and I only had a half dozen customers, and supplemented it with CL work during the big storms.
  10. 14 ‘temporary’ tolls in Gov. Lamont’s latest plan

    I wish there was a way to get south and avoid the trifecta of hell CT NY NJ when traveling
  11. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    I've been having at least one fire a day for the past month, with the exception of a few warm days. During the winter I normally burn a half cord a month. So far, I'm well under 1/4 of a cord. The heat has only been on once, when I had an overnight in Maine for work. I need to re teach my wife...
  12. New Car Feedback

    Telluride / Pallisade are brand new models with unknown growing pains, that you have to pay MSRP at a minimum for. I am watching them closely, as my wife will likely be getting a 2021 late next year.
  13. anyone been bit by a venomous snake?

    Why am I not surprised that Kim has been bitten by a rattler?
  14. New Li Battery technology (fast charge)

    We actually discussed pacemakers in a meeting today lol. I was told the FDA has been consulted about this concern. I have no idea about anything related to inductive charging. We have questioned how it will properly mix the electrolyte, and fully charge it to prevent sulphation.
  15. Winter motorcycle storage

    $495 and I have a place! lol
  16. New Li Battery technology (fast charge)

    We have engineers working on getting us to the ability to recharge lithium forklift batteries in 10 minutes. It is going to be inductive, as we cannot get enough power through connectors to charge that fast. This is likely how they plan to do it. I'm already handcuffed by the connector with our...
  17. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    LMFAO! The only possible way that could have been better was if she was hit by a sledgehammer
  18. Winner winner chicken dinner. Chicken to die for!

    Theres still one in Salem. Theres also one on the Parkway on Everett.
  19. First-World Problem Horror Stories

    After 12 years with my company, they sold the NE territory to a rep, so I am going to be working for the new company. I'm going to have to turn in my company car and buy my own like a god damn commoner. What's worse, many of the cars I've been looking at have these key looking things that you...
  20. We are not a democracy

    As taught by our high schools
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