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  1. SW 929, Ruger Super GP100 or other?

    Was that double action or single action??
  2. WTS VP 9 LE

    For sale HK 9mm VP9 LE (includes night sights) very light use in excellent condition, includes 3 mags, bacstrapes and tuppaware additional mags avalaible for $25 each FFL Transfer, I will cover the fee at 4 seasons, patriot arms percision point and a few other places local to Burlington or the...
  3. WTS Sig 226 Legion SAO

    For sale sig 226 Legion SAO 9mm ( single action only-- like a 1911) very little use, in excellent condition, sig X-ray sights. Includes 1 mag, and legion coin. Additional mags avalable for $25 each FFL transfer, I will pay the fee at 4 seasons, patriot arms, percision point and a few others...
  4. Best Carry 1911 $1,000 or Less

    Sig ultra in 9mm , something to be said for the external extractor in a carry gun,
  5. SW 929, Ruger Super GP100 or other?

    I believe they are having an I core match at Harvard this year which is a revolver game. Moon clips rule for revolver games even in 38 special. From what I,ve heard if your starting the revolver game 9mm is recommended over 38 because it's a shorter Cartrage and there for faster to eject and...
  6. Glock 17 or VP 9 ? Owners

    VP 9 though Gluck is easier to change out parts. Paddle release is faster once your used to it one, of my favorite parts of the vp 9
  7. Thank you clients and friends.

  8. What did you do to your firearm today.

    How long did it take and what are your thoughts on the upgrade? Did you also polish?
  9. First guns

    If you are looking at action sports you should consider your options before spending $800 on a 22 pistol. the S&W 41 is well reguarded as a bullseye gun and I believe MRA has a team. (Bullseye is typically shot one handed hence the grip on the 41) If you are looking at action sports steel...
  10. .22 revolver question.

    S&W 63 basically a 22 j frame 3" barrel 8 shot, fiber optic front sight, Wilson makes springs to lighten the double action pull a bit
  11. First guns

    I agree with the previous poster a ruger Mark IV is a great starter 22, and with a few volquartsen parts it has a lot of potential. I prefer the 22/45 version as the grip angle is similar to a 1911
  12. Car Dealership Highway Robbery

    I so do not see an Mini Cooper in my future ouch
  13. I am considering a P320 X5 Legion for IDPA..

    The HK,s are not the first choice for a competition gun. if you want to compete a competition gun is helpful. Grey guns can help with trigger issues. If your on the fence about competing try IDPA with the vp9 and if you have fun then think about a competition gun
  14. What's in the Box?

    I,m going to go out on a limb and guess a custom 1911 ;)
  15. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    Revolvers that aren't smith or ruger
  16. Anyone else drooling over the new CZ Shadow 2?

    Do the newer models need the frame relieved, or is this part of being proactive with the older ones (from the posts I'm guessing this has something to do with how Andrews shadow 2 was splitting)
  17. School me on USPSA Carry Optic Division

    Also check out shooters connection
  18. Hammer fired SA/DA semi's on a budget (AKA: The CZ 75 Thread)

    Generally eaa (tanfoglio) and Cz parts are not interchangeable
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