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  1. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    Thanks, I had her try it on many different trips to the range. She never got comfortable with that option and would just get frustrated, mainly because she is sentimental about the Shield because I got it for her as a Mothers Day present and it was her first firearm. I believe she feels that I'm...
  2. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    My mother loves hers and was super bummed when she finally admitted to herself she was unable to rack the slide due to her arthritis.
  3. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    Just put a lawyer on retainer, now that I've purchased a can of Axe Body Spray if those smokin' hot chicks don't come a runnin' I'm getting paid son.
  4. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    Nice, now the next time some driver in a sports car hits me I guess this means I can sue the manufacturer because of the targeted marketing. At least that's how I'm reading it.
  5. Wife's emotional affair?

    Never been in this situation but have known plenty of others who have, that said I wouldn't confront her on anything(depending on those involved going forward you may come off as hostile). Hit up the lawyer and play nice not to tip your hand, same tactics employed by most of the ex wives I've...
  6. Superintendent of Massachusetts State Police, Col. Kerry Gilpin Retiring

    [rofl2] The only thing "others have accomplished" is to be connected enough to get a job where it's nearly impossible to be fired from, all at the expense of Joe Public. Joe Public who has no say in compensation that they are paying for and more often than not are abused in some form or another...
  7. Superintendent of Massachusetts State Police, Col. Kerry Gilpin Retiring

    Couldn't get me to ever be a LEO, to me they're nothing more than modern day robbed barrons for themselves and the state. Frankly I'd rather be homeless than derive a livelihood at the expense of the taxpayer(aside from the mil. which I did for a short while which at least served a purpose). I...

    [laugh] Didn't watch either but the image of the "U.S. Super Cannon" doesn't look too much like a WW2 German railway gun.
  9. Vermont State Police get 11 drones for accident mapping, rescues and surveillance

    I give it a maximum of a year before they're employed in the same fashion as ALPRs, it'll be for the children of course.
  10. Craigslist Finds MEGATHREAD!!!

    Just found this. [laugh],
  11. Family held at gunpoint after SWAT team errs in marijuana raid

    Goes along well with the obligatory locker room gang shower circle jerk.
  12. Dave Chappelle on abortion

    Always did like Dave.
  13. Lake Shore Limited + Vermonter

    I seems like a lifetime ago but it was expensive, although considering the raping I'd have taken for the luggage(skis/snowboards/clothing) it must have been cheaper than flying or I wouldn't have done it.* *I was moving out there and my POS wouldn't have made it, plus doing the ski bum job...
  14. Lake Shore Limited + Vermonter

    Taking the Lake Shore Limited from Springfield to Boston, yeah you've got to be some kind of masochist to do that. Round trip is generally 10+ hours due to having to transfer in New Haven and will cost you $138(not sure if the taxes and fees have been tacked on). Unless you wish to take the...
  15. Court rules tire rotation does not include tightening lug nuts

    As a sign, that should be hung across every employee entrance lintel the world over.
  16. Round goes off in box

    Duffel bag guy sticking his fingers in his ears after the event. [rolleyes]
  17. LTC Renewal in Lexington - called for an in-person meeting

    Business as usual unless the CoP insists on meeting at Lexington Common, in that case bring some friends.
  18. The Infinity Bottle thread

    I could be unemployed and still not find enough time to do this. [rofl2]
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