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  1. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    another vote for the LC9S. I bought the hideous deWalt black/yellow version of it on an impulse buy, never intending to carry it, just a novelty. after shooting it one time, i wish i had bought in all black. i carry a sig 938 but if i see a LC9S in black @ the right price i'll grab it...
  2. It must be snowing in hell......

    and these same dems would NOT vote with the party on restrictive gun laws???? i don't think so
  3. The Marlboro Man wont be having a smoke for breakfast.

    i remember the same. fake news????
  4. font size (reading)

    bingo!!! little magnifying class icon. back to normal. thanks folks
  5. font size (reading)

    cat walked across the keyboard and shrunk the forum. i can barely read what im typing now. all other forums im on are fine. how can i fix it???
  6. Dangerous and unconstitutional: NJ governor bans sale of insurance to gun owners

    just like target sports defied maura based on the ICC laws, i'd wager uscca will do the same
  7. Some questions about Boston Unrestricted LTC

    not sure if serious
  8. Glock 19 or Glock 17?

    agree--.45 dont own a glock, but shot a friend's 30. nice!!!! can imagine a full size would be even better
  9. Police department mailing LTC’s now??

    correct. have to p/u in person in brocktonn
  10. Trump Administration Slaps 25% Tariff On Single Malt Scotch Whisky Imports

    agree. had a few tastings of some of the finest single malts, and they all had a bit of a soapy aftertaste to me. give me rye or irish whiskey anyday.
  11. Looking for pistol bag like this:

    [rofl][rofl] takes me back in time!!! my older godson 20 years ago . he wanted black winter boots, his mom insisted on the sand color typical work boots. little bastard he was (which i loved about him) , took a bunch of black markers and did the job himself

    really???? the author has his head up you know where. brady is despised by most nfl fans outside new england, black or white. same as sox/yankee hatred, or bruins/canadians. because they just kept winning championships
  13. BREAKING: Sale of Vaping Products BANNED in MA for 4 Months

    that right there, IMHO, is the biggest issue. crying charlie just destroyed the businesses of hundreds of entrepanuers and their employees by decree. took his cue from maura. screw the laws, do what you want, no judge in mass will question the illegality of your actions
  14. BREAKING: Sale of Vaping Products BANNED in MA for 4 Months

    my take is the tobacco lobby money is working it's way into individual states. "filtered" through the national political parties (both sides) although i don't know which side charlie is getting the cash from
  15. nice day at the range

    great day today, my 28 year old godson texted me earlier in the week about shooting some bullets. liberally educated, by schools & parents. not really interested in guns, just wanted to try it out. started with .22, that lasted about 20 rounds. on to ruger sr9c. he really liked that. then...
  16. So I'm Out Riding Today..

    encloc wins internet/forum bingo tonight. made me go back and look at the face, and he is on target. although we never saw that side of maryanne on the show
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