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  1. Building a Glock for fun - Ron's Frankenglock

    I think that building an %80 is fun for those who really enjoy tinkering and enjoy the process/challenging of a DIY project. But as stated above, you could put that money towards a gun that you can get more bang for your buck right out of the box.
  2. Deals and steals

    Got this recently. Had a $50 rebate until October 31st. So I scored it for $250. Still worth it at $299
  3. AA12: the Saga of Atchisson’s Auto Assault 12

    For anyone interested in the sad tale of the AA12 Shotgun, this is actually a very good read. A cautionary tale for making a semi-automatic version of a machine gun with more drama than a Shakespeare novel...
  4. There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Good Red Flag Law’

    Red Flag Laws are also very expensive to fight in court: Defending Against a Red Flag Confiscation Will Cost You Thousands - The Truth About Guns
  5. Thinking 7.62 x 39

    Plus the VZ is not a "copycat"... I have a bonesteel arms brake for $29 for the Century and it reduces recoil to .22 magnum levels. It is a direct copy of the Slovianian army brake. I bought a Czech made brake on Ebay direct from a gun smith in the Czech republic for $69...not much of a...
  6. Thinking 7.62 x 39

    I have to say, the VZ58 is one of the best 7.62x39 rifles I've shot. I first got a Century VZ 2008 from a member on the board here and fell in love after doing a little tuning up. I then got a Czech Point CZ 58 and am sold. I don't really bother shooting my AKs that much now. See if an FFL would...
  7. Cleaning an old blued AK

    I usually wipe down blued AKs with Birchwood Casey Barricade. Always gives a nice glow for a while and keeps the rust at bay for a bit. Renissance Wax is an Interesting product thought: View:
  8. Two World Wars Meets Modern Warfare! Convert Your AR15 to A 1911!

    Video was quite irritating, rather than being humorous.... This seems to be a solution looking for a problem. This kills it This standalone offering will likely require feedramp work on barrels intended for Glocks in order to reliably run with 1911 magazines. There are tons of both low-cap and...
  9. Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

    I remember this one that started a huge wildfire that cost tax payers 8 million to deal with: View:
  10. Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

    I never got the use of explosives in telling people if your baby is going to be a boy or a girl. But I've heard of wildfires starting from explosive targets in "gender reveals" but I guess this dad made a pipe bomb to celebrate, but killed a bystander...
  11. Any here up to date on PC graphics cards?

    You have Plenty of need for more. Check your power supply and make sure it is powerful enough for something like the RTX 2060. Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs) are a cheap boost for speed as well. Have Windows on an SSD and a separate SSD for games.
  12. Any here up to date on PC graphics cards?

    I've been running two Nvidia 970 GTX cards in SLI for the past few years and am getting ready for an upgrade. From what I understand SLI is kind of dead so I'm OK with spending a few bucks on the RTX 2070 Super when Newegg runs some black Friday deals. I generally pay more upfront to keep ahead...
  13. We need more robots for MacDonnalds..

    Even more cause for robots....I love when the customer drops the Nbomb on a white guy: View:
  14. We need more robots for MacDonnalds..

    Lots of rage that goes on in fast food joints lately. Mostly customers loosing their minds and throwing civility out the window. But then again, customer service has also gone down hill as well. Guess this manager had enough. Time to go back to the old Automat style restaurants from the 30s and...
  15. Littleton Residents - We need your help!!! - FFL Attack underway

    Hang tough Jack and Mill FFLs. I hope this isn't the result of larger stores in the area starting rumors or just being sour about the competition.
  16. gun-stolen-in-ca-in-97-turns-up-in-boston

    At least they complied with the 10 round mag limit for MA ;)
  17. ABC News Uses Knob Creek Range Footage In Place Real World Footage

    Having been to Knob Creek, it was painfully obvious in the video that it sure wasn't in the deserts of Syria. I posted some old Knob Creek footage that was sold by the owner from the 80s on a blog site I run. The owner was quick to youtube about it and I think he gets compensated like other...
  18. 2020 Warren wins

    2020 Waren/Clinton win. The battle for freedom begins...The Chair is against the Wall, The Chair is against the Wall: Warren and Clinton talk behind the scenes as 2020 race intensifies
  19. 10/8/19 - Newsweek: Study: U.S. Gun Deaths Surge, Except for Two States With Restrictive Gun Laws manipulation isn't new. This has gone on as long as man has walked the earth: Believe It Or Not, Most Published Research Findings Are Probably False
  20. Grubs?

    Milky spore does wonders on Japanese Beetle Grubs. This is a good time to apply. Remember to hit any planting beds you have. Gurbs love to hang out in them as well.
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