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  1. Phone and laptop searches at the border

    What a waste of all the glamor shots I got at the mall for them.
  2. Ocasio-Cortez (America's Original Crackpot) steps in it again, now she has her very own Megathread!

    The thread title should be enough to warn you
  3. Karma: 2x MAGPUL BAD (Battery Assist Device)

    In , but not getting on another list the Clinton's will have access to
  4. Nascar 2019 Megathread

    So who's it going to be? I've have had 11,18,19 in the pool all year so I'm guessing Harvick will take it .
  5. Turkey/meat shoots?

    I got 16 turkeys in my front yard now. You're free to them all . Two of them slept in the bed of my truck Monday. We all got a surprise when I went to load up the bed that morning .
  6. ALERT: RBG Pancreatic Cancer - SCOTUS Statement

    Shitty is when you're incapable of doing your job and you know it, but you keep your seat just to spite. If she was half the person that everyone keeps saying she is, and " so ethical " then she would step down so her position could be served by a capable peer .
  7. Chrome plating service?

    I've found that the best plating I've come across comes from places out of state. I have shipped stuff all the way to Kentucky where they did the good old three layer ( triple chrome plate). The stuff I had done locally in Quincy was not even close to my expectations. There was a yellow tint to...
  8. Buffalo Wild Wings worker dies in Burlington

    That sucks . poor guy. Of all the ways you think you are going to die, washing the flood is way way down the list. He probably didn't have much to leave behind to help family get by. I hope wings steps in to help. They are at fault for lack of training .
  9. anyone been bit by a venomous snake?

    I was hiking once out in the woods with my Ex. We heard russling from the brush near us. Out slithered a monster of a snake, it looked mean as hell. It reared up and bit her. The snake shook violently for about 10 seconds and died on the spot. She was perfectly fine. Should have known.....
  10. NH liquor question

    Been a while since we did a Nes meetup

    ^^^^ "set phasers to medium rare"
  12. Hampstead NH bans guns in schools

    Was on my list of towns I was looking in. Strike that. Won't be moving there . I'm sure it will only get worse
  13. Nascar 2019 Megathread

    I'm thinking sweet and sour... Maybe a dry rub would be better . I'm gonna need a bigger grill
  14. Whately’s Club Castaway: Gives Police Live Access To Internal Security Cams

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "There is NO sex in the champagne Room"
  15. How to make a Concrete Counter Top in 1 hour!

    Could have been cut down to 10 minute video
  16. I spy a cool NES guy.........

    Did you see the lezbos, stinky guy, or upstairs girlfriend ?
  17. Nascar 2019 Megathread

    18 still seems to be struggling. He seems to be short on power. Early in the season he was really good at restarts , now it seems like he is driving with bricks in the trunk.
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