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  1. Prayer request: Medic down

    Sounds like God will look over both of you, now and forever!! God bless!!
  2. Why buy a youth rifle over an AR?

    When my son was born, he was born with an AR10 .308 in his hands. I made the nurse clean off the AR10 before she cleaned off my son! & my wife, who looks like a super model, was smoking a cigar during labor. View:
  3. Wife's emotional affair?

    Sorry u r going through this dude!! In the face of any dishonorable behavior, continue to be an honorable man. Sadness will pass & you will land on your feet. Wishing u the best!!

    HK VP9 Long Slide was announced at the 2019 Shot Show and was sold between approx. 02/2019 till 05/2019. Suddenly it was discontinued after just a few months of sales. Problems? Are they coming back? Any plans in the future to sell them as a whole pistol? Any inside info? Thx!! As an...
  5. Disposing of Damaged Ammunition

    Proves my point: Cats are inherently Anti-2A. ;)
  6. Afghani learns not to screw with the Polish guy on the subway

    Spaceballs (1987) Are you sure? ;) …..well, you did say virtually!!
  7. Mike Rowe's Prostate Exam

    Hysterical!! Gotta love Mike Rowe!!
  8. Why wasn't I on this flight?????

    So.... every so often, I pose as a flight attendant and require hot girls to take their shirt off. What's the big deal?? :)
  9. is Medford MA the most corrupt PD in the state?

    On occasion, we have the fortune to come across a man or woman that is honorable in every fiber of their being. I had that fortune and have known this gentleman for most of my life. His kids are just now heading off to College. Great Dad & Husband. Great person. Arguably the most ethical...
  10. New stove recomendations

  11. This is a gorgeous gun

    So is this...
  12. First thing that pops in your head about my neighbor

    During the day, he is Maura Healey!
  13. First thing that pops in your head about my neighbor

  14. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    The Crimes of the British: "The Irish Genocide of 1845 -1852" Millions dead!! You & your people are not alone!! God bless your Grandparents & what they endured.
  15. M&P 10 compatible parts?

    A little help: Given the proprietary nature of my S&W M&P10, I'd love to have an extra complete upper w barrel, for when mine wears down. Does anyone have specifics on how I could accomplish that? The uppers, last I checked, are not sold by S&W, which, at a glance, almost makes the guns...
  16. Pistol found in backpack at daycare

    I blame society! :) View:
  17. My house got broken into today. (What security system do you guys use?)

    My Home Security System: Check out both pics!! My Guard Dog - AR15.COM
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