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  1. Communist China/Hong Kong cave to protesters

    A wise quote about freedom was to the tune of 'Freedom is not about doing anything you want, but it's about not having to do anything if you don't want.' If these protesters have as much support as they claim to, organize a general strike. Hong Kong is such a densely populated metropolis that...
  2. Communist China/Hong Kong cave to protesters

    DW (a serious media outlet in Germany, AFAIK) interviews the spokesperson of the HK movement. She tries her best to stand up to the pointy question of Tim Sebastian, apparently a seasoned journalist, but IMO failed to justify the violence on the part of the protesters. The situation in HK is a...
  3. Google to offer checking accounts...

    More importantly, Google can use KYC (know your customer) regulations to get their hands on your SSN, address, drivers license etc etc... Not that they cannot connect some these dots based on their data set already, but you're stupid if you voluntarily hand any of such info to them.
  4. Workers at 4 Watertown Spas Arrested on Sex Charges in Sting

    I bet all detectives raised their hands when asked who would like to sign up for the undercover duty for the sting, some even raised both.
  5. Cybersecurity team arrested in Iowa

    Linky not working but I found other sources for the story. The boys were caught in side the courtroom with burglary tools after breaking in. Men arrested for breaking into Dallas County Courthouse after judicial branch hires them to test 'vulnerability' of court records Can't break'em with...
  6. Prayer request: Medic down

    Have a caring friend like you, having a friend you care for this much, are truly blessings in life. Good things happen to good people!
  7. Kyle,Texas: irritated substitute teacher deliverers a old fashion arse-wooping. Tyson style

    Nice pivoting with those punches, fluid kinetic chain of movements. It's far better executed than your average ghetto fighting: she was properly trained.
  8. Forbidden words on facebook: Eric Ciaramella

    I challenge you to find a 15yo girl who uses FB. FB is uncool for the young now.
  9. The President Trump Megathread

    US tax codes won’t be simplified by anything short of a blood-on-the-street revolutionary event. We are talking about THE most powerful weapon politicians have to punish enemies and reward friends, and they won’t give it up till the tree of liberty gets irrigated.
  10. At least nine Americans killed in Mexican highway ambush

    Did you just say, ummm, white men bad?
  11. Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide... or maybe not?

    Or is he? Were DNA and dental records released for positive ID? If the Mossad/extortion angle were true, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that high powered and highly capable forces got him out by a body-double. Such event would easily explain the absence of a deadman's switch.
  12. The pistol carbine 9mm - Novelty or purpose

    Mauser C96 Broomhandle Schnellfeuer: select fire capability, it's a pistol without stock, a carbine with. Pull the trigger gangsta style and it naturally creates a left-right sweep to KILL EVERYBODY in the room. *mic drop, walk off the stage*
  13. NYPD Brags on Twitter of Major Pot Bust that Turned out to be Legal Hemp

    Ooooooh, the statist is strong in this one!
  14. Communist China/Hong Kong cave to protesters

    The fact that neither side has suffered fatalities is a demonstration of restraint, but it may change after this major escalation. Link contains video footage of the attack. Ho was lucky as the blade appeared to have been deflected by his rib cage, as the attacker was dead-on aiming at his heart...
  15. Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide... or maybe not?

    If only Epstein set up a deadman’s switch.
  16. Roast Beast owner: "I'll never open in MA again!"

    And Chinese food in CA is the shit. In CA you can actually find Chinese food taste like food in China.
  17. At least nine Americans killed in Mexican highway ambush

    So now we can expect Mittens lead a Mormon commando force to creep into Mexico and wipe the floor of cartels?
  18. At least nine Americans killed in Mexican highway ambush

    If this isn’t a strong enough call for 1. Decriminalize all drugs 2. Close down the southern border 100% (as in zero in, zero out, no more trades).. I don’t know what is. Trump can instantly get a 20 pts bump in his approval ratings by articulating these two points in a special address from the...
  19. The pistol carbine 9mm - Novelty or purpose

    Mark my words: Repeal NFA and other garbage laws, everybody would be sporting suppressed MP5’s for home defense, cuz it’s not just about clipping bad guys, it’s about clipping bad guys while looking good!
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