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  1. Smith & Wesson parent company splits in two; firearm maker retains name

    Maybe for any pending litigation, but I do t know how it would help with future suits, especially given the CT case’s recent news, every state is going to enact similar legislation seven ways to Sunday.
  2. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    Have you looked at the HK P30SKS? That's in 9mm. I had the 45C until recently, which was in 45ACP, but still very much a pistol that could be concealed easily. Both are hammer fired, but the hammer doesn't extend much. Note the 45C had 10-round magazines readily available which had the...
  3. Building a Glock for fun - Ron's Frankenglock

    Depends - my Leupold DPP had a different footprint than my SRO, which was different from my Vortex Venom. Some sights do share a common plate though. That’s why I like the Glock MOS system - it has done its own generic milling up front and made mounting plates for the most common RDSs. Yes...
  4. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    Goodbye Remington. Considering the 2 pictures of guns at the top of the page are of shotguns and not rifles, let alone ARs, I'm sure the next call will be to ban all shotguns. Now, people can sue gun manufacturers out of business, tying up all of their funds in needless litigation. They...
  5. Building a Glock for fun - Ron's Frankenglock

    Here's a current and ongoing thread about it: Seems like there can be issues, just like anything else I suppose. If you're mechanically inclined, patient, and have the time and money, go for it. I'm only mechanically...
  6. Looking for a new range toy

    I have both a MPX and a Colt AR-9, and they are different. I'm curious as to why you think the MPX is a better alternative? Serious question - not a jab or anything of that nature.
  7. Is The Price of Stamps Going Up?

    Yes. I’ve been seeing them more and more lately. I even saw an ///M4 with the white lettering on the sidewalls.
  8. Anyone have a cheap ammo can source?

    I have those too. The stacking kind with one set of three on top of the other. So far, so good. Each of the 6 cans are are well stocked, so moving a full tray can be heavy, but I take each of the three on top out separately if I have to access something in the lower tray. I have them labeled...
  9. Anyone have a cheap ammo can source?

    I’ve ordered two of these: And one of these: No problems with either whatsoever. The 4-pack has been in my garage for various odds and...
  10. Looking for a new range toy

    Keep in mind that true Colt pre-ban 20 and 32 round magazines can be hideously expensive if you’re in MA. Check out our own WTS-Accessories subforum for a range of prices.
  11. Anyone have a cheap ammo can source? I’ve ordered from them before - decently priced, fast shipping.
  12. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    Yes - they are considered privileged communications. I’ll send you a PM in a bit or in the morning (in-laws are over).
  13. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    CPAs can do all of that. We’re able to get extensions, stoppages, fight for abatement, and anything else a lawyer can do before the IRS. I’ve done this for years for a wide range of clients from individuals to multinational corporations.
  14. Looking for a new range toy

    Probably easier to find a local private sale, but I do see them pop up from time to time on various used guns sections of FFLs.
  15. Looking for a new range toy

    I have one and love it. Great range toy with cheap ammo, little recoil, and easy to maintain. I put a 3x prism scope on it - makes range visits fun.
  16. WTS Nikon P-223 3-9x40 BDC600:

    Bump - trades for magazines considered.
  17. Why buy a youth rifle over an AR?

    Length of pull may be an issue too. Even though the kids are likely to grow taller as they age, there may not be anything that fits them now, but I didn’t see them and am only speculating on kids that age.
  18. Virgina Speaker of the House, A Gun control activist...

    The last bullet, the endorsement, is useless because of the first bullet, which says she represented the endorser. That notwithstanding, yes, we need to watch out up here too.
  19. Was It a 9mm ???

    If the bear is dead, then yes, it was a 9mm. If the bear is still alive, then it was clearly a .40S&W.
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