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  1. ALERT: RBG Pancreatic Cancer - SCOTUS Statement

    Because US Constitution
  2. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

  3. Massachusetts to Ban Newport Cigarettes

    Certs! With retsin, two mints in one...
  4. Dean Foods, largest milk producer in U.S., files for bankruptcy leaving the consumer holding the bottle

    Stonyfield for me.
  5. Anyone have a cheap ammo can source?

    CMP. Comes full of ammo.
  6. Wife's emotional affair?

    You have no freaking clue what you want.
  7. Is The Price of Stamps Going Up?

    Not gov plates, so some individual thinks this looks cool.
  8. Kick ass dogs?

    Get him neutered
  9. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    You should have said 'neither, I give them to the kids to throw in the fireplace'
  10. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    That drunk with a 5 year old in the house? Hell of an example.
  11. NES Brain trust re. Sports Afield 36 gun safe

    That isn't the real danger. What is more concerning is how the RSCs can be quickly opened with an angle grinder.
  12. NES Brain trust re. Sports Afield 36 gun safe
  13. Air Europa: "Squawked 7500" - HIJACKING!!!

    That used to be true, but hasn't been the case for some years.
  14. Air Europa: "Squawked 7500" - HIJACKING!!!

    Close. Can't have dupe beacon codes within a Center's view. Beacon code only transmits the numbers and pressure altitude to ATC. The ATC computers calculate groundspeed. Aircraft ID, flight plan info, etc is associated with a particular radar track from flight plan info. Of course, ADS-B...
  15. Air Europa: "Squawked 7500" - HIJACKING!!!

    Transponders only go up to 7. There is nothing special about xpdr codes. You could look in the AIM or 14CFR91 for more.
  16. Been at a brewery since 10:15 am.

  17. An American Cheese Won the World Cheese Awards for the First Time Ever

    Quality cheese from the US is definitely at least as good as from around the world.
  18. Roast Beast owner: "I'll never open in MA again!"

    Situational awareness not maintained. You're responding to someone in Cali.
  19. An American Cheese Won the World Cheese Awards for the First Time Ever

    American cheese - the variety invented by Kraft 100 years ago - isn't cheese.
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