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  1. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    I'd take a look at Sig 320 x-compact too. Smaller than a g19 and you may prefer the grip angle better. No pre-bans if you care about that.
  2. Out of state long gun purchase and fa10 timeframe...

    It's none of their business until it's in state.
  3. Soapstone wood stove

    @Mr. Brownstone
  4. Kick ass dogs?

    Bummer. I've put two down in the past year.
  5. Kick ass dogs?

  6. Mass Use Tax on out of state vehicle purchase question.

    That was my situation too, new out of state vehicle purchase.
  7. Mass Use Tax on out of state vehicle purchase question.

    RMV takes CC payments.
  8. Worman v. Baker - AWB Challenge.

    Restricting access to consumable/wear components seems like a reach and a different conversation that stripped lowers /80% etc.
  9. PSA: Middle-aged Men and Polo Shirts

    Polo brand or polo style?
  10. Buying a cabin in the woods on 30 acres in Maine.

    Where (roughly) in ME?
  11. GOAL Advocacy Workshop

    I'm going to be out of town for this but would love the info. Any chance this info can be obtained by those who can't make it? Already GOAL member but would be happy to pay event fee to learn.
  12. Simple Truths

    Fail forward.
  13. Opinions wanted on kid’s sport dilemma

    Back in the day I was a competitive swimmer, and went to college on a scholarship. I was on several teams simultaneously throughout HS, including my backwater HS team. Sometimes there were schedule issues. But it’s possible to do both, just clearly define everyone’s expectations.
  14. Newest addition to the house...OTTO the pup @ 9 weeks

    Great pup! Hank (10mos) approves of this message. Sadly we just lost our female.
  15. Massachusetts bill would let those in country illegally get licenses

    I'm guessing all the requirements beyond MA residency will be eliminated. For them.
  16. Boston Straight Pride Parade

    Cut that dude some slack, his transition’s taking longer than expected.
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