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  1. MGTOW

    Thanks, I'm glad you get it.
  2. MGTOW

    Not intended in that context...I remember posts by SKumar telling of his mom burning his dad. I don't have the time or inclination to search for that. I'm sorry for the men that this happens to. I'm no longer in the game because of the same reasons, just swap genders.....
  3. MGTOW

    Long term relationship, not married just yet, no kids... had ovarian cancer
  4. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    A good fit for a concealed carry gun depends on your body habitus. If you are a petite lady, or a larger woman, the same hand fit gun won't matter. Chances are that you may never need to draw, but you will need to be confident, comfortable, and invisible concealed carrying.
  5. MGTOW

    I have a 30 something year old daughter, she, and all of her friends are not damaged. She was brought up right. I'm just saying that maybe you're looking in the wrong places i.e. Online dating sites. Your previous posts show animosity and feelings of being burned by women, and perhaps other...
  6. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    Maybe have mom try holding slide immobile with support hand, and pushing gun forward with strong hand. Keep close to body for max force. I've got arthritis in both thumb basal joints...this works. Practice makes muscle memory.
  7. MGTOW

    Hey Suneil, not all women are like this. Do you have a good friend that is a woman? If not, maybe you should find one and really get to know females without ulterior motives. We are out there. Maybe find a shooter girl....we seem to be awesome, lol
  8. Man dies after stabbing in Maryland Popeyes; fight over chicken sandwich

    No crack, just weed
  9. Deval Patrick considering run for President
  10. Deval Patrick considering run for President

    Why do I hear the theme song to "Benson" when I think of this jerk....
  11. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

  12. Wife's emotional affair?

    Here's hoping that Cupcake doesn't read NES. This is all on Off Topic for anyone to see. Move your guns. Move your money.
  13. Wife's emotional affair?

    Do what the little kids do to shop Amazon.... use her thumb when she's asleep. No, seriously, your heart will know. Listen and trust it.
  14. Post-Downtime Thread

    If you are holding your phone vertically, you'll see a lightning bolt icon in the dark blue header. This will bring up What's New/New Posts. If you rotate your phone to landscape mode, What's New is right there in the header, next to Forums.
  15. Post-Downtime Thread

    I have "What's New" on the home page header on iPhone and iPad, I haven't used my laptop in a while.
  16. Post-Downtime Thread

    Are Alerts down, or am I completely insignificant this evening? I usually would have had many since this afternoon.
  17. We’re to buy orange?

    There's always here..........
  18. Baseless Lies!

    A third nipple would have to be aligned vertically with the mammary above, in the Milk Line, not in the middle of the chest. Not a triple nipple guys. I'd get that checked out Prepper, go see DrGrant, or Doctor Pimple Popper
  19. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    I'll be going to J.H.'s. Hold the donuts, or cheerios, or whatnot...[coffee]
  20. Man dies after stabbing in Maryland Popeyes; fight over chicken sandwich

    Wait, 50ish in numbers, or 50ish in age? I'm sure neither one of us could be assumed 50ish yo. 🤭
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