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  1. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    Nice build. You run a HIGH scope!
  2. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    Isn't that an SR-15 though?
  3. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    The lower is the serialized part, it has to be transferred through an FFL. They even offer a list at check out, I just bought a replica AR15 and it had a bunch of FFLs near me.
  4. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    For your build, $99.00 for an AP lower.
  5. Deals and steals

    AP makes a decent lower and at $49.00 you can't go wrong.
  6. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Doesn't CT now require something called an ammo card or some dumb shit. I was working in Hartford and I tried to buy ammo at Cabela and they wouldn't sell it to me. The retired Trooper who was working the door overheard the conversation and bought the ammo and gave it to me in the parking lot!
  7. New Acquisitions November 2019

    I picked up a Springfield Hellcat. I like this pistol, I quickly dumped 100 rounds down the range at the shop and it was flawless. It weighs in at 678 grams vs my Sig P365 at 662 grams. Remember the Sig is 12+1 and the Hellcat is 13+1. Additionally the Hellcat has 14 rounds of Corbon vs 13...
  8. 9mm assembly - parts experience/reviews

    These work great. Just put 9mm upper on your 556 lower. These mags have a 9mm insert.
  9. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    I wasn’t going to bring up the small frame AR-10 because it adds a third variable. I really like them, they shoot exceptionally smooth and the ergos are familiar if your shoot AR15 a lot. This is mine, you can see the grip is moved back to make room for the mag well. These are essentially...
  10. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    I should add if you live in a ban state the AR10 pattern may be better. You can easily alter M14 mags which are plentiful and probably affordable if you are mag limited.
  11. AR-10 Lower Question(s)

    Correct, the SR-25 pattern (Stoner Rifle) is not compatible with the Armalite AR10. If I were building one I would go with SR-25. Usually trigger parts, safety selectors and buffers are common parts but not exclusively.
  12. WTS P229 357/40 Sig Sauer Preban Mags

    Four preban OEM Sig Sauer P229 mags. Tell your friends it’s for your sweet 357 Sig but we all know it’s for that fortay. $50 bucks and 10 more to cover priority shipping and they are yours. 3/4 are date stamped and one needed a base replaced but it’s good to go. $50.00 each or $180 takes all four.
  13. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I picked up an upper in 20 Tactical today that had been sitting at my LGS. While technically still a wildcat, there are a lot of good loads on the web. I’m curious if anybody is reloading 20 Tactical. Did you buy brass or resize 223? I don’t have any experience resizing as I only load 6.5CM and...
  14. Sig365 or Springfield hellcat?

    I have some bad news for you, there is no grip zone on the Hellcat. Interesting to note also, I saw the Hellcat the other day at my LGS here in Philadelphia, the rep had a little table set up. There were two mags on the table, an 11 and a 13 round. I have no idea if they also make a 10 but it...
  15. Philly Police: Man shot 15 times walks into emergency room

    We are hard mother f***ers here, it still gonna hurt when it rains.
  16. Can you say “Hunter Harrassment?”

    How in the hell does that little twat already have a receding hairline.
  17. New England Steyr Dealers?

    I love this setup. This is my LGS, she tacks on 5% for internet orders for some reason. $2,400 with a sweet optics setup. This makes me want AUG #3 King Shooters Supply | Steyr Arms AUG, A3 M1, Semi-automatic, 223 Rem, 556NATO, 16" Barrel, Mud Color Synthetic Stock, QD Front Sling Swivel, 30Rd...
  18. New England Steyr Dealers?

    If you are going to buy an AUG get the version with proprietary Steyr mags. AUG mags preserve the classic look of the rifle. I see the draw to running STANAG mags, you probably have 100 and that drum mag too, don’t be tempted. If you want you can always buy the STANAG stock later.
  19. Form 1 SBR Questions

    Roll your own prints, the ATF will send cards for free. Buy a fingerprint kit on Amazon and send two cards. You upload your photo during the eForm1 process.
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