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  1. Poll: Union Leader

    706 No 76 Yes 7 Ambivalent
  2. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    I'm upgrading to probable
  3. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    I like the small Sig/S&W pistols precisely because they're small, but that's because I need small above most else for my carry applications. I chose the Sig P365 because for my tastes, it has the best combination of size, feel and capacity in its class. However, if I wasn't constrained by size...
  4. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    ohboy, I guess the sarcasm font didn’t work.
  5. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    Yes, that’s why it’s called an AR15...
  6. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    If those spoon fed idiots are the ones making our laws then we have a problem. Ffs I don’t agree with that argument but that doesn’t mean it’s not compelling to a whole lot of people who aren’t as informed or simply don‘t care as much about the issue as we do. So go ahead and post your Fudd pic...
  7. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    “No one needs an Assault Rifle” ”There’s no such thing as an assault rifle” ”Excuse me, I stand corrected. No one needs an ‘Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR)’; a ‘military-proven performance’ weapon for a ‘mission-adaptable shooter’ in need of the ‘ultimate combat weapons system’. Military weapons...
  8. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    "In filings with the U.S. Supreme Court, the Sandy Hook families say Remington "published promotional materials that promised 'military-proven performance' for a 'mission-adaptable' shooter in need of the 'ultimate combat weapons system.' " Yeah, I'd say the days of correcting people on the...
  9. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    Using the term "Combat" (Adaptive Combat Rifle) will come back to bite them and the rest of us in the ass. Nobody needs a combat rifle... blah blah blah. Playing the "Assault" rifle/weapon misnomer turnaround won't work when the freakin' manufacturer calls it an Adaptive Combat Rifle.
  10. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    There is no hopefully here, this is awful. This precedent will now apply to any future cases before SCOTUS ever hears another similar one. It will also embolden others to file similar claims. We can all discuss the merits of the case: Lanza didn't buy the gun so advertising didn't affect him...
  11. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    Damn, just seeing this now for the first time. Put me down as maybe.
  12. Wife's emotional affair?

    Relax, it’s just been a couple of days ffs.
  13. Wife's emotional affair?

    Perhaps a couple days at your brother’s will do you some good. A no contact letter has to come from her, it has zero legal standing if it comes from you, it’s pointless for you to send it. I’m going to go back to @independent‘s advice. Make no immediate decisions, take the time to think things...
  14. Porsche crashes into 2nd floor of office building...

    You mean it's nawt a Porschuh Boxstah?
  15. Wife's emotional affair?

    Don’t you call my bitch a ho!
  16. Wife's emotional affair?

    Thanks for making my point ;)
  17. Wife's emotional affair?

    There was no taking the high road with him. She was financially dependent on him, he lorded over her and was a dick, she was desperate and uninformed of her legal/financial realities, had zero knowledge of the family finances. She clearly wasn‘t as self-aware as you are. In a perfect world...
  18. Wife's emotional affair?

    Thats a myth, kinda like Glocks are illegal in MA. Plus if she asks you to leave you pretty much better do it anyway. In a divorce the courts care about three things: 1. Equitable split of assets 2. Child support (which doesn’t seem to be a factor here) 3. Child custody/visitation which again...
  19. Wife's emotional affair?

    Having done two stints in counseling (years apart) w my ex, I can tell you it would be less painful to dip a glass catheter in lemon juice, insert it in your pee hole and break it off.
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