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  1. Glock 48 sights - how do I fix this?

    Coast Guard special rear sight: red on the port side, green on the starboard side?
  2. Roast Beast owner: "I'll never open in MA again!"

    Tenants dont cook all day, every day. And they (might or should at least) have hoods over their stoves. Besides, if the landlord wants to lease to a restaurant, kitchens need a hood. From the point of view of the fire dept, its not unreasonable at all.
  3. Roast Beast owner: "I'll never open in MA again!"

    20 or 30 deathtrap apartments on the floors above, with grandfathered minimal egress and life safety, Think about that.
  4. Roast Beast owner: "I'll never open in MA again!"

    Didnt know about this. Nick must have heard its legal to not pay taxes north of the MA line. Coulda been a jailhouse rumer. I stopped going to Nicks when the feds found $ 6 mil in cash in the family safe.
  5. Roast Beast owner: "I'll never open in MA again!"

    Restaurant Kitchen in the basement of an Apartment Bldg on Comm Ave, with no hood? How does that even happen? Im on the side of the FD on that call. Those old buildings are death traps.
  6. Oysters

    Put the horseradish and hot sauce on scrambled eggs. Add salt. Save $.
  7. Automatic watches and the airport question

    Ive worn my luminox through airport scanners multiple times over the past 15 years, never set one off. It has Tritium tubes on the hour marks, bezel, and hands. Regarding accidently magnetized mechanical watches.. a good watchmaker can demagnetize a watch easily. You can get a demagnetizer on...
  8. Halloween postponed?

    My 5th grader loves the water..
  9. NES down on Monday?

    Walk toward the light.........
  10. Anyone Work in Facilities or Industrial Maintenance?

    Bike shops are getting killed by online sales, and like you say specialty repairs on high end tech often take a lot of time and knowledge, that owners cant afford to pay a decent wage due to overhead. Plus its a highly seasonaly fluctuating biz. You are making the right decision. The...
  11. Remembering Carol DiMaiti & son Christopher, 25 years later

    I remember that like yesterday. I was out of town for the weekend, and the cabbie back from the airport told me the story of the "attack".. That was before he jumped. Holy crap 30 years. Wow.
  12. The Official NES Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Gripefest thread SPOILERS ALLOWED, UPDATE 10/22

    Jar Jar Abrams is laughing all the way to the bank. Im pretty sure George Lucas said no thank you.
  13. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Or just short...
  14. NY attorney General bans the sale of 80% lowers

    Naturally, this will all lead to 80% vape diy kits.
  15. Some questions about Boston Unrestricted LTC

    Shave your head, get some ink, and scowl like Danny Trejo, everone will know how bad ass you are. Leave your gun in the safe.
  16. Best Sunday brunch in metrowest?

    Hard to screw up bacon and eggs.
  17. Luxury vs. non luxury car brands, quality any better?

    Might go after an older A5, depends on the engine. Getting too old for diy repairs, so it would have to be cherry.
  18. Tulsi Gabbard sticks it to Hillary

    I like the third party option for her. But which side does that drain away votes from, more. Could be a wash. But if she could swing a state like Cali to red by sucking away d votes.... or even Hawaii!
  19. Massive protests in the Netherlands against farm killing 'Green' legislation

    Invest in tulip futures. You heard it here first.
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