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  1. New firearm itch

    I had to put like new in box because it was a private sale someone that bought the gun 3 weeks before never fired it and decided they didn't like it. the $375 I really can't complain that someone bought it and flipped it. When I see an unfired 43x in Massachusetts for $375 then I will believe...
  2. Will it still be "Maura banned"

    Gun manufacturer changes name of AR-15 to MS-13 to get support of Democrats Colt, the manufacturer of the AR-15 has announced that it is changing the name of the rifle to “MS-13” in order to get support of Democrats. “The names are really similar,” Colt CEO Franklin Hoser said, “and it’s clear...
  3. Generator Question

    ELI the ICE man?
  4. WTF is wrong with Florida??

    I think the guy deserves a medal, not a charge The news says he was naked and enraged, there was no mention of being engorged Enraged naked man beat and kicked Peeping Tom to death, police say
  5. Some questions about Boston Unrestricted LTC

    do you know who gets shot first in any gun on gun situation? The good guy the bad guy knows is armed. He walks in and takes you out first as he knows you are a threat. I don't know where you got your training, if any, but I'd be asking for a refund.
  6. Cashing a large check

    so now that you have a 11Ok, the bank thing is the least of your worry as you either have a capital gains issue if you were on the deed to the unit, or worse a gift tax problem as the money should have been spread out in such a way as to not go over the annual allowed no tax amount , and you...
  7. Cashing a large check

    Unfortunately that is considered a crime, structuring payments to avoid reporting, Structuring Cash Transactions Under $10,000 is Criminal! | Money Education
  8. New firearm itch

    Isn't NH GREAT !!! No sales tax either !!!
  9. New firearm itch

    I did, which is why a LNIB unfired 43X was purchased for 25% less than what you paid, a mere 2 miles from the MA state line.... so you, like many others paid the MA Glock Tax , which is to say you paid more than new retail for a Glock product. A 43X can be had for under 500 dollars all over...
  10. Another Boeing 737 MAX 8 Flight Control Incident - 157 Dead

    Sullenberger chimes in on the subject: My Letter to the Editor of New York Times Magazine – Sully Sullenberger Letter to the Editor Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger New York Times Magazine Published in print on October 13, 2019 In “What Really Brought Down the Boeing 737 MAX?” William Langewiesche...
  11. Mass "New Resident" Case

    guy should have claimed FOPA, he would have had a better chance
  12. White Fort Worth police officer shoots and kills 28-year-old black woman in her home

    He had not announced himself as a Police Officer, so any REASONABLE person would assume it was a home invasion / prowler / insert bad guy here. IF the officer saw her holding a weapon, all he had to do is shut his light off and take cover, radio for help from the other cop, which is what he...
  13. legal length of barrel on a home made shotgun?

    the first issue I'd worry about would be the friend making gun parts and operating as a gunsmith, it is IMHO a short barreled shotgun as configured and a NFA item Is it a muzzle loader shotgun? What year was the gun made? Pre 1898? Either way I'd be declining involvement
  14. Beto Says Police Will Go Door-To-Door to Confiscate Guns

    Beto’s security detail to use only NERF guns from now on
  15. 1st purchase dealer or ftf?

    What is your co -worker selling? Some guns can be real dogs. If you don't mind spending the $35 bucks or so for the transfer, and maybe getting tied up for a few hours, go to a FFL. If you want to save the 35 bucks and the hassle of being delayed, do the eFA10... how hard can it be?
  16. First-World Problem Horror Stories

    I have heated grips on 2 of my 3 motorcycles.... it has been at least 90 every day since I arrived in the hell known as Florida never below 75 at night. I need air conditioned grips and a AC cooled seat on the bikes so I can use them during daylight hours
  17. Town bans Menthol Cigarettes

    When the FDA tried to ban them in 2010 it went nowhere FAST based on the race card Is It Racist to Ban Menthol Cigarettes—or Not To?
  18. Man Tazed By Cop, Falls On Knife, Dies Of Stab Wound.

    There is a video online (easily found, used on Live PD TV show) of the Pelham NH Police Department using the diffuse method rather than force when they had a drunk, distraught individual attempting Suicide By Cop. The most telling thing, and in my opinion shows the department in a positive...
  19. MA to ban balloons?

    we had an incident on the east coast where a balloon popped in a mall, everyone thought it was a shooter, news reported casualties that turned out to be some dope hitting his head on a door on his way out. Police: Popped balloon led to evacuation of Florida mall BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) — Police...
  20. Methuen Hit and run

    the most they can do is name the name of the registered owner and most news organizations will not do that, the problem is they have to figure out who was behind the wheel, and that takes some step by step police work that may be above the ability of the Methuen Police Department. Same thing...
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