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  1. Electric code question

    I would pull a permit just to be safe.
  2. New pedestrian bridge collapses in Miami...
  3. Winter 2019 to 2020

    Pittsburg NH
  4. Insurance Adjusters: how will this go?

    I had a VW R32 that was hit in a similar manner. My insurance company looked at it and gave me a list of places to get it fixed. When I got the car back the tint color of the window was brown not blue and there was a piece of trim held on with double sided tape and falling off. I brought it...
  5. Recommendation for cellphone provider?

    I used for a while and was pretty happy with them. You only pay for the services you use (voice, text,data) and they have good customer service. They are on the Sprint network which sucks in northern NH and other places. If you need the best coverage I would stay with Verizon. By far...
  6. Breaking Bad spinoffs ?

    I just finished watching BB the second time. This time around made me think that WW would have been better off if he took his wife into the desert and left her there. El Camino was a good watch.
  7. 2019-2020 Snowmobile thread

    Our club has about 30 miles of forest trails and a Polaris Ranger. Coldbrook has about 80 miles of fire roads and rail bed. They have a pair of ginormous groomers and a Ranger. Ware river i’m not sure of the mileage, think they have a Ranger too. Today we cleared about 6 major blow downs. this...
  8. 2019-2020 Snowmobile thread

    I’m heading out this morning to clear blow downs. Most folks head to NH to sled, however MA has 1700+ miles of trails SledMass Trail Map that map is new for 2019 funded by an RTP grant (gas tax thing). If we have a decent winter, the coldbrook snowmobile club, ware river snowmobile club, and...
  9. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    Shhhh....your overlord masters don't want that getting out.
  10. Russian children will be taught how to assemble AK-47s as part of patriotism lessons in schools

    In this country if you assemble a pop tart into something resembling a gun the SWAT team arrives in class, kills the hamster, and the kid ends up on welfare because he can't find a job they have a "past" and no education.
  11. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    I would hard reboot and check again. If not here is the direct link to the firmware and iTunes can install it with a cable.
  12. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    So you think Apple should have taken the following actions: 1) Knowing that phones with sketchy batteries were shutting down they should have done NOTHING. OS runs at full speed period! We offer battery replacement for $99. 2) Allow ANY replacement parts to work in their phones no matter who...
  13. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    Rubbish! You can buy a $25 battery replacement kit from Amazon. The batteries are held in with tape, there are no software locks, glue or other bullshit. An iPhone battery is no more difficult to swap than any other premium phone. The only part Apple has an issue with is the fingerprint sensor...
  14. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    100% bullshit! The feature Apple added to throttle the phone speed IS USEFUL not some commie plot to make you buy a new phone. Power management in all phones is so aggressive it allows phones to operate with batteries that are greatly compromised. It’s generally not an issue with the phone...
  15. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    This only affects a couple models. Here is the support document: Affected models Updated iOS version Device iOS 10.3.4 iPhone 5 iPad (4th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular iOS 9.3.6 iPhone 4s iPad mini (1st generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad 2 Wi-Fi +...
  16. Disposing of Damaged Ammunition

    Vice grips clamped onto the TIP of the lead bullet and it will twist right off. They do make bullet pullers but since you don't care about salvaging the bullets.
  17. Post-Downtime Thread

    Suggestion: change the background color for CSS class p-header to #f5f5f5 This is the rule: .p-header { color: #cbcbcb; background: #f5f5f5; } Makes the NES logo stand out better....
  18. US Man Dropped His Gun, Put His Hands Up. Then A Cop Shot Him 5 Times

    Bad guy kept walking at the officer, failed to obey commands...100% on him. Looked to me like he was close enough that the officer would have been in trouble had the BG charged him for his weapon. Officers department threw him under the bus IMO. This is what you get in our new and improved "PC"...
  19. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

  20. Security Alert - Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 remove your screen protectors now!

    Visa, MC, and American Express trust it enough to give Apple a cut of very Apple Pay transaction. Like everything it too can be hacked. I think a team did it by 3D printing someone’s face and then warming it to something close to body temperature. I also think that twins is an issue for Faceid...
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