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  1. Under cabinet lighting options?

    Curious what you guys are going with I am not sure if I should do the small pucks over the strips? Hard wired wireless etc.
  2. Halloween postponed?

    Stopped raining in our town and it was about 69° my little one had a blast
  3. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    Sold the CRF250l and picked up a 2018 DRZ400SM Has 800 miles on it and thinking actually leaving it all stock
  4. So much for Common Core

    My little one is in 5th and she got tested at the end of 4th at an 8th grade math level She loves Math and just gets it
  5. SOLD 2014 CRF250L

  6. Sig365 or Springfield hellcat?

    I always go to grab my Free State Shield, it’s been 100% for 7 years
  7. SOLD 2014 CRF250L

    Last job before I put it away for the winter 3200
  8. Aftermarket Dewalt battery

    I’m using the Dewalt 885
  9. Aftermarket Dewalt battery

    I have both the Milwaukee and Dewalt 1/4 impact and like the Dewalt
  10. Aftermarket Dewalt battery

    Been using the 4.0 battery but wanted an extra lightweight one in a 2.0. Figured use a company called Vanon since I bought their replacement about 6 years ago for my Ridgid drill and I used this Ridgid 5 days a week and it’s still working perfectly. The 2.0 dewalt ranges from 40-50 bucks and...
  11. Generator Question

    Couple of those Taco trucks in the city are using the Ryobi and other is using a HF Predator . Talked to them and both are using them 6 days a week for 12 hours a day and for months both have been flawless. One uses Walmart Supertech synthetic and other uses 10/40 power care oil
  12. Mass compliant firearms

    Good man Jim I need a Clean T53 Chinese if u have any
  13. Generator Question

    Hey Andrew if you need a generator you’re more than welcome
  14. SOLD 2014 CRF250L

  15. BATHROOM REMODEL $$$ Really?

    I needed this a few weeks ago
  16. Back up generators, who has what and some questions

    It was brand new from an older couple Sold fast though
  17. Back up generators, who has what and some questions

    Out in the rain is sometimes unavoidable Never an issue . Wax/ fluid film twice a year on mine. this is the one I bought in 2008 during the ice storm and it still looks clean, even just pulling it out . Been flawless in 11 years. I’ll wipe it down and spray SC1 on the plastic tank .I leave it...
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