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  1. New USPSA powerhouse

    Really textbook awesome. especially his foot work
  2. The pistol carbine 9mm - Novelty or purpose

    It just doesn't do anything for me when shooting. With the sights being so low, I'm jammed up behind the gun and don't feel like it points naturally or transitions well. Adding a red dot would certainly help, but I feel that it ruins the classic look. It shoots very smooth and has been 100%...
  3. The pistol carbine 9mm - Novelty or purpose

    I have a Zenith Z-RS (MP5 clone) Its a novelty looking for a purpose. Its more fun to look at than shoot. When my supressor gets out of jail, then it will probably be more fun to shoot and will be come my home defense gun
  4. Lori Laughlin

    This should be a civil matter and not a criminal one.
  5. What do you consider to be a high round count in terms of firearms?

    Not only does caliber matter, so does the manufacturer. My SW 1911 had about 60K thru in and it was a mess. Barrel rifling was still good, but everything else had issues and the gun was beating itself to death My 2011 built by Dan Bedell had 50K thru it and it still locked up super tight and...
  6. Dan Wesson new handgun, the DWX!

    Not only do I shoot them, i have no problem taking a file to a $4k gun to make it fit my hand better. Any way, the new CZ is pure sex, combining the best parts of a 1911 with a CZ.
  7. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    Looks like the Elemnt Bolt is 1 sec only. Which is good. The good thing about the speed sensor (at least on the Garmin) is that it will track mileage and speed even when there is no GPS signal. I use the auto size feature on mine so it automatically set the tire size based on GPS. I do a...
  8. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    Have you tried adding the speed sensor? That made a big different in my mileage when I added one to my garmin, especially on tight twisty trails Also check what the sample rate for the GPS is. Change it to 1 sec if it is auto or smart
  9. My chrono is useless, any ideas

    Build a chrono coffin like they use at major. But it is better that your chrono runs slow than fast and then go sub minor at a match
  10. What do you think this press setup is worth.

    I don't think there is enough of a benefit of the 1050 over the 650 to justify the cost or hassle
  11. What do you think this press setup is worth.

    I think they make a drive for the 650.
  12. What do you think this press setup is worth.

    As others say 80% is a reasonable price. What are you try to get out of a 1050 that the 650 isn't doing?
  13. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    I would add that if you are riding in the snow on groomed trails, if you are making ruts in the snow. Then don't ride. Only thing worse than a groomed trail ruined by skinny tires is the post holes they leave next to the ruts pushing out their bike.
  14. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread Continental Double Fighter III Tire | Jenson USA
  15. So long, farewell, it's been good to know ya... UPDATE post 164

    The South is awesome. Just a whole different lifestyle and people. Everything is easier, more relaxed and less expensive
  16. Budget AR parts quality.

    Just like when you posted the video last time. I will counter with the DD failure seems like it was a popped primer that got under the trigger. If it was rifle related, then the issue would have still been there when they put the rifle back together. So an ammo issue, not a gun related one.
  17. Budget AR parts quality.

    I would say it really depends on your expectations of the rifle. Generally blasting at the range, with no real thought to speed and/or accuracy. Then any rifle will work. When you start looking for specific traits, then you will need to spend money to get that. So for say a 3 gun, you want a...
  18. Too much headspace on new AR15 build

    Thats because some gas blocks are designed so that they can be used with a handguard cap. You need to leave a 1/32" gap to the barrel shoulder if you are using a free floating handguard. Easy way to tell on a set screw gas block is to spin it upside down. The gas port is drilled thru the set...
  19. 500 S&W, is it really THAT bad?

    I carry a 360PD, its a gun that you practice with because you have too, not because its fun. I don't find it that bad to shoot, but its definitely not a gun I'm going to put a 50-100 rounds thru each practice.
  20. CC compromised

    I get a text any time a $1 charge or higher is placed on my card. I also try to use my phone as much as possible to pay since it uses a separate number than the CC it is linked too. I rarely ever use a ATM card and when I do, I try to use a machine that is locked in a bank and not and...
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