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  1. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    Glock 19. But if you have a short list, post it up. I have a lot of the popular mid, compact, and sub 9mms out. And I’d be happy to have you out to the range to try them out. I’m sure there are a lot of others here who would do the same.
  2. Man dies after stabbing in Maryland Popeyes; fight over chicken sandwich

    Has anyone had the sandwich yet?
  3. Colorado Magazine ban, … parts kit.

    I remember that being common too. What happened that changed it?
  4. Dean Foods, largest milk producer in U.S., files for bankruptcy leaving the consumer holding the bottle

    We go through 2 gallons a week, but we buy from a local dairy
  5. Show me your watches. :)

    List it here Or contact Local, honest guy.
  6. Why buy a youth rifle over an AR?

    My son's first rifle was a CZ .22lr bolt action youth rifle. He loves that gun and if he had to choose between that and the AR22... he'd pick that bolt action just about every time.
  7. Italy Mandates Alarms On Child Car Seats

    Alarms on child seats are not needed. What is needed is some damn parenting. Responsibility. And accountability
  8. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    Smaller audience but better return for revolvers. The bottom dropped out of the Glock market here. At least on NES the Glock prices have dropped. Maybe armslist is still a target rich environment.
  9. Automatic watches and the airport question

    Never had or heard of an issue. Been doing it for a very long time
  10. Cable TV Wiring, wtf?

    I don't know about RCN, but I can run my remote Tivo STB via ethernet or coax/MoCa
  11. Cable TV Wiring, wtf?

    So what did you do exactly? You're setup now like your second diagram? What (if anything) are you actually using a MoCa network for? If you only have the one set top box, then I don't think you really need it. What is the filter? You may be able to just split the incoming coax 2 ways. Run...
  12. Clubs with plate racks, or metal targets, or other shooting

    Southboro had/has a plate rack for the pistol bays. About 6 months ago, it was down to 2 plates... and then about 3 months ago, I could only find 1 and couldn't get it to set. and the last time I was there 0 plates
  13. Clubs with plate racks, or metal targets, or other shooting

    If you try and limit it to .22 only and only buy a plate rack capable of taking rimfire. Then it will be junk in a month. Guarantee that people will hit it with every pistol round they have.
  14. Woman Charged With Hitting 4 Kids With Car in Stoneham Has Long Criminal Record, bail set at $1,000.00

    Complete POS. And repeat offender. Why do people like this continue to get a pass? And we (gun owners) are the dangerous ones?
  15. I've Been Nominated to Run for the NRA Board

    I Hope GOAL still stays a priority. But you’ll have my vote and my son’s vote when we get our ballets
  16. Trijicon SRO

    Range Panda is well know and good to go.
  17. Former Boston College Student convinced Boyfriend to commit Suicide - "Suicide by Text" with 75,000 texts

    Just like Michelle Carter. I find it hard to say they are guilty. Sure they are crazy. But just telling someone to kill themself and then being guilt of murder/manslaughter is a slippery slope. Like I said before. If you tell someone to F themselves and then they masturbate, are you guilty...
  18. Cable TV Wiring, wtf?

    Wait a second. I suggested MoCa first. I want my trophy
  19. Cable TV Wiring, wtf?

    Is the one modem just running a MoCa network?
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