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  1. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    Send me a pm, I'm willing to listen to alternatives. Would are conversations be privileged communication, I have trust issues.
  2. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    I'll give this all due consideration given that it comes from someone who knows nothing of what the issue is or what my capabilities are, or how complicated, or not, my taxes are. Personally I look at this as a way for a lawyer to make a quick $1k and have a potential future client.
  3. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    Ya, my taxes were never that complicated, never used a CPA. I know what info I need, I know what forms I need to file, just don't want any surprises. The lawyer is insurance, I put up a retainer and he does any talking when/if it become necessary.
  4. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    It's not a complicated issue. I just need to get some info from the IRS and file some forms. A CPA would be a waste of time. A lawyer to keep the gov out of me life, that's worth some $$. Part of my concern comes from my distant past. The DOR made a mistake, they openly admitted it, but they...
  5. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    First off, I'm not in trouble and no one is coming after me. But a situation has come up that I need to take care of and as soon as I bring it up to the IRS they just might get pushy, so I want a buffer between me and them. The upside is, there is a small chance they will owe me, but there is...
  6. The President Trump Megathread
  7. The President Trump Megathread

    Can I design/buid the infrastructure, been too long since I did anything fun. I'll do it at Gov rates, cost plus 25%.
  8. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    You got it all wrong, keeping them together gives them the opportunity to breed. I haven't had to buy socks in decades. I'm going to try to be there, it means driving south at the worst time.
  9. Technician exam

    Congratulations KB1LWB
  10. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Wait, I'm confused. There are LEFT socks and RIGHT socks? I just have socks, they don't become left or right until they are on a foot........Oh I get it, you have draws of feet with socks on them.
  11. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    But if there are infinite universes and bolts/sockets are randomly moving from here to there, then they are also moving from there to here so it all evens out. So the end result, one universe or infinite, it's all the same.
  12. What do you look like part III...

    I'm fat and ugly and my picture would haunt you forever!
  13. Heavy Feline Content: So that the funny thread doesn't get locked

    Not worth it's own thread but I just need to tell someone. Last night my cat Tula passed away, she has been a good member of my home since my divorce and was a good companion for myself and my children, which she tolerated well even when they were being loud. This was not a total surprise, the...
  14. Fiber Optic Cable

    Can't make out the print, but that's not standard pre-terminated cable. Looks like it was made to be exposed, over land or under water, not underground or overhead, or in conduit. With that reusable spool I'm thinking Mil. Those ends look a lot like some TRW Military connectors I've seen in the...
  15. Fiber Optic Cable

    post the pic, i want to see Single mode is more commonly used for long runs >1Km, but free may make a difference when deciding. Plenty of cable guys out there that will do the termination for you, I'd be surprised if there weren't some on NES. Hard to tell if it would be worth it, kind of...
  16. Fiber Optic Cable

    you win
  17. Fiber Optic Cable

    What are you talking about? you need to leave the ends open so the photonic pressure doesn't build up
  18. Fiber Optic Cable

    picture of what's printed on the insulation?
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