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  1. Warren confiscate all semi-auto rifles

    I removed that from my list of concerns 6 yrs ago.
  2. Round goes off in box

    See it all the time down here. Loose rounds in a plastic bag stuffed in some type of promotional container like an ammo can or wooden box etc... Or just bulk factory ammo loose in a plain cardboard box.
  3. Warren confiscate all semi-auto rifles

    Words can't describe how much my bank account hates you right now.
  4. What's the quickest, most efficient way for a homeowner to kill a maple tree?

    You and my wife both! [rofl2] Oh yea, I forgot, I'm the a**h*** that bought a farm with her. [crying]
  5. Seattle public schools declare math is racist...

    I'm sure they have already stopped doing all the racist calculations that tell them how much tax people owe. [rolleyes]
  6. Dad in tears ,gang of bullies stamp on son’s head

    Only if they find the bodies.
  7. Methuen Man Charged with Straw Purchase of Glock Firearms

    It's right in the article.
  8. Texas woman shamed over bikini photo by potential employer..

    [rofl2][rofl2] Well done.
  9. Texas woman shamed over bikini photo by potential employer..

    I'm gonna go with the kind who's hiring manager knows they couldn't hit that if she were tied down and unconscious. f***ing losers, I hope they go belly up after she sues the shit out of them.
  10. Artificial blood that is 'better than the real thing' made in lab by scientists

    Do you want a zombie apocalypse? Because that's how you get a zombie apocalypse. [laugh]
  11. Best City to Retire in!!! Shocking!!!

    What the actual f***?!? Clearly they have never lived in any of those places. FFS Fall River JUST came in as the #1 most dangerous city in Ma.
  12. Car Headache

    When I worked for Hyundai in 04 the sensor was a flexible plastic sheet with a graphite line running back and forth through it. When it flexed the resistance changed. The module uses the amount of change to decide if it turns the bag on or not. After enough ass cycles the graphite would develop...
  13. Georgia homeowner shoots, kills 3 masked teens, deputies say

    Sounds to me like the Armalite Vaccine just cured 3.
  14. Purchased shed plans , what have you tried

    Yes I used the 12x12 shed plans. Mostly just for the cut list since I've done a bit of construction in my life, but they are decent accurate plans. If you click through the site there are quite a few decent projects there.
  15. Purchased shed plans , what have you tried

    How to Build a Shed - Free Shed Plans - Build-It-Yourself!
  16. Porn star Jessica Jaymes will not be going down for breakfast

    I heard he bought an old mechanical bull and reskinned it. [wink]
  17. Updating electrical switches

    Or toilets apparently. [laugh]
  18. Testicle Shot

    The employee who was helping the man quickly began treating him, White said. “He was able to stop the bleeding within less than a minute,” he said. OK boss. I need a f***ing raise! [rofl2]
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