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  1. Armistice Day range lineup.

    Went mid afternoon and mostly just clanged steel plates in pretty low and flat light conditions. Did a fair amount of 'area' shooting at the 200 and 300 yard plates. They hadn't been painted in a long time and blended really well with the back ground. My friend was spotting with the...
  2. Armistice Day range lineup.

    That's a well armed cat, Tim.
  3. Armistice Day range lineup.

    1903, M1917, No1 Mk111* and Gew98 Anyone else taking the oldies out tomorrow?
  4. Iran Hit By 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake

    I was about to 'mirror' this...
  5. CETME troubles

    If fresh ammo isn't the remedy there may be an issue with the chamber flutes. If not cut correctly they can latch onto brass and lock it in place.
  6. Not quite Milsurp, but

    My XM25 project keeps getting sidetracked. A few months ago I was prepping (read as 'getting up the nerve') to start the bedding process when Mitch asked if he could borrow my stock liner installation tool. He couldn't locate the one he set aside nor his drawings and had a few he needed to...
  7. School resource officer tackle in Keene,NH

    I think it is justified due to the unwarranted wearing of a clown costume outside the time allowances of Halloween and his 'Bro's' excessive use of the word 'Bro' when asking the officer to release his com padre, Bozo.
  8. SoCal we go

    If you sleep on the train tracks every night, expect to eventually be hit by a train.
  9. Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

    "I think it's a bit early to start imposing roles on it..."
  10. Al-Baghdadi won't be down for a Halal Breakfast.

    "I can see my cave from here..."
  11. Gun holsters recalled due to risk of switching safety

    Comes with a 'Shake Weight' for training.
  12. The MA Gun Dealer Legal Fund

    Donation inbound. Have you considered contacting all other MA FFLs to try to get them on board?
  13. Marines don't *Need* Machine Guns

    A metric screw.
  14. Poll: which rimfire for coyote?

    .41 Swiss
  15. Anybody know this mark?

    Cherokee arrow head. Belonged to Liz Warren.
  16. Bet you don’t have one of these

    Yet, it doesn't.
  17. What's up with the blue stripe American Flag

    Or the flag of the urinary incontinent.
  18. 2 rockets hit Iranian oil tanker off Saudi Arabia

    I think a forklift driver did it.
  19. Mass Shooters vs Serial Killers

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