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  1. Electric code question

    Didn’t even know that was a thing
  2. Electric code question

    it mounts to the floor at the back bottom of the stove and as you push the stove back it slides into it basically not allowing it to tip forward.
  3. Where to buy skis/boots

    Honestly if you wanna get back out there you should consider snowboarding. Hell I'll teach you, it'll take about 3 days of pain then you'll start to get it. And depending on your size I got more than enough boards/ bindings for you to use to learn on.
  4. Where to buy skis/boots for boots Franco's Profile on for skis and bindings. I’m a snowboard guy but I worked with the above mentioned person for almost 10 years and have forgotten more about skis than most shop employees know.
  5. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    Mantra's are good, little tired. They haven't really changed them in the last 8 years or so. There are better options out there depending on what you're doing
  6. Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

    We had a gender reveal party. My wife gave birth and the dr said “it’s a boy!” And the gender was revealed. 2 days later we went home.
  7. Pellet Grill?

    I bought a traeger a couple years ago, now my Weber gas grill just sits in the corner lonely and untouched. I don’t buy the traeger pellets, too expensive. Lowe’s has 40lb bags for the same price as the traeger 20lb bag. BJ’s had 20lb bags for sale this summer, $10 a bag. Think I went through 3...
  8. Sig365 or Springfield hellcat?

    I love my free state shield too, but my wife has been addicted to this “crime junky” podcast and has now recently been checking to make sure I’m carrying when we’re out and about. She’s shot the shield before and liked it, so gonna try to push her to carry that (and take some classes) and then I...
  9. Sig365 or Springfield hellcat?

    I’m definitely gonna get the SAS but I’m gonna wait and package it with a class at sig academy to get the student discount.
  10. Lockable inside-luggage cases for handguns?

    The new lifepod looks cool, but expensive. LifePod – Vaultek Safe
  11. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    I have unlimited pass at Ragged and midweek pass for Loon, Sunday River and the Loaf. Probably won't go to the loaf. I'm down to go anywhere though if anyone wants to meet up. Shameless plug for my side gig, I snow gear online with these guys. They're a startup outta CA and it's been great so...
  12. Landlord entered apt without notice

    abode Home Security - Top-Rated, Contract-Free Home Security Systems $0 per year self monitored. I had simplisafe for about 12 days before I returned that crap.
  13. Landlord entered apt without notice

    See? Cooler heads prevail, good stuff. Check out Abode too, like simplisafe but self monitored online. Has cell backup if you want to pay and you can pay for online monitoring for just a certain period of time if you want (if you go out of town for a week or two). You have to buy the equipment...
  14. Landlord entered apt without notice

    Unless OP uploads a copy of a lease it's all just conjecture here. Regardless these situations are generally better off when cooler heads prevail.
  15. Landlord entered apt without notice

    Not true at all. I've rented hundreds of apartments that had heat included in multifamily houses cause it's too expensive to separate the utilities. Should he have given notice? Absolutely. Did he have to? Maybe.
  16. Landlord entered apt without notice

    Depends on the lease. Standard greater boston real estate board states quite clearly that any alterations (including air conditioners) must first be approved by the landlord. 3. ALTERATIONS AND INSTALLATIONS: The Tenant is permitted to arrange furniture in the Apartment as the Tenant wishes...
  17. Landlord entered apt without notice

    I was just gonna ask this, who pays the heat bill?
  18. No Doubt: Democrat Candidates Are Openly Coming After Our Guns

    I never know how my work schedule will go but I’ll do my best.
  19. Deals and steals

    Agreed, got one to check it out and I'm a fan. Trying to be more organized in my life before my wife kills me and this thing helps. Might need like 5 or 6 more though.
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