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  1. Minuteman Sportsmans club reviews?

    Don’t forget to factor the cost of targets into your club choice. Some clubs charge more than others per round. Also consider how many trap fields there are availible. If a club has only 1 field you could find youseld doing more waiting than shooting on during nice days. Obviously MM has...
  2. NES Barbecue Thread. NES BBQ

    This thread has me inspired for a smoker. Looking for something entry level that isn't going to break the bank. Do I get a Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5" or a similarly priced electric? I've read some places about keeping electric smokers outside can be problematic. I don't have a shed or...
  3. NES Barbecue Thread. NES BBQ

    Who is looking for a new smoker?

    Dating is important in all Apocalypse scenarios.
  5. Where Did The Towers Go

    I love NES
  6. Tewksbury rod and gun or Mass Rifle association for a gun club

    Woburn Sportsmen in Bedford, MA. [smile]
  7. Is customer service that hard? Horrible 203K loan mortgage agent/contractor

    Can't blame the GC for not wanting to sign the paperwork... He is only going to get paid $1.2k for a job he quoted (and you agreed to) for $1.5k. Talk to your consultant and figure out how he came to $1.2k. See if there are other areas the GC can bumped up so he comes out square and happy.
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