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  1. Glock 19 mags - got them thanks

    Thanks to member!
  2. WTS Ruger MK IV 22/45

    Ruger Mk IV 22/45 comes with 2 mags, factory box and contents, original owner. Not a roster firearm. Extras include a rail and 2 additional mags. Transfer to be done in N Brookfield. Available from noon to 8pm Tues, Wed, Sat or Sun. Asking $450 and I pay transfer. Statement of Legal...
  3. WTS New Year sale - Glocks

    First off, I cannot transfer these until Jan1. If interested in waiting I will start a list beginning with the first replies. No commitment needed. Glock 26 Gen 3 comes with factory box, only missing lock, 2 mags, all matching numbers, I bought unfired, new old stock, $550 Glock 43 FDE...
  4. Firearm sell question

    Think I'll do this.
  5. Firearm sell question

    I have no problem finding a dealer to do a frame transfer, the problem is there is no paperwork for me, releasing me of ownership.
  6. Firearm sell question

    Thanks, no it isn't pre ban, that's why I can't go through a dealer.
  7. Firearm sell question

    Do you think it is too early to list a firearm for sale that I want to transfer the first of the year? Because it's a Glock and I talked with Pullman Arms and they don't know how I could get it transferred now and still give me paperwork for it ( since I used my personals already ). The only way...
  8. WTS Daiwa Spinning reel

  9. I think I just heard it all...

    Yup, that's our new generation. I got one for you.......the other day I was at the register buying a steak at Big Y, the price was $9.14 and there was a $4 off sticker on it. The cashier, a young man, had to take a calculator out of his pocket to figure out the final price! Really! I was...
  10. Steel case ammo

    I don't understand it either Steve
  11. Steel case ammo

    So, after doing some math, Target Sports reference, 5K rds of Wolf - $1800; Tulammo $1498; Federal brass $3747. I'd buy the steel, shoot up the 5K rounds, take the $2K I saved and buy another rifle, still saving about $1300.
  12. Steel case ammo

    My son has a Savage Scout 308. Would you use steel case ammo like Wolf or Tulammo? Called the mfg and as I expected they said they don't recommend it. So, I'm asking the experts here. Thanks
  13. WTS Daiwa Spinning reel

    BNIB Daiwa Fuego 2500D-XH for sale $78 pick up or add cost to ship. These are awesome light reels for freshwater. Just taken out for pics. Cabelas sells them for $99.99. I take PayPal Thanks
  14. Glock mag disassembly tool

    Or this one?
  15. Glock mag disassembly tool

    Anyone use this one? Or Fixxxer brand? Or have a recommendation?
  16. G43 Holster update

    update check out
  17. Shield .45

    I asked and the guy said whatever they have
  18. Shield .45

    It's not the S&W rebate. It's a Cabelas $50 gift card offer that can be redeemed as part payment
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