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  1. Ridgeline Training Facility Dalton NH

    I spent a few nights supporting Alex's attempt at putting Ridgeline in Winchester. Which would have been a 10 min drive. Yeah I hate that they booted him.
  2. Ridgeline Training Facility Dalton NH

    A Marine owns Ridgeline. If he can't make the website using crayons it's going to be a challenge to update. [smile]
  3. Ridgeline Training Facility Dalton NH

    Literally the only complaint I have is the drive up there. [rofl]
  4. Full auto fun in Minneapolis/St Paul....

    The only thing worse than the ATF is cucks on the range getting upset because you're shooting too fast.
  5. [email protected] Trace Adkins

    Why did you join a gun forum in New England, when you're not from here, specifically to white knight Trace Adkins?
  6. KAC Barrel Extension Action Wrench

    I've got you fam.
  7. It’s almost impossible to find hunting ammunition right now

    You know how I know this guy doesn't know about bird hunting?
  8. [email protected] Trace Adkins

    With Susan Sarandon as a co-star in a country music show, how can this not print money. [rofl]
  9. [email protected] Trace Adkins

    And just like the the Trace Adkins white knights are out in full force.
  10. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    I agree with this 100%. My growing concern is it seems in this country, depending on where charges are brought, we are operating with Kangaroo courts.
  11. JStark creator of FGC9 3D Printed Gun Dies at 28 of "heartattack"

    Anecdotal? Is a heart attack at 28 rare?
  12. sorry i havent been around.

    Bob, You have quite a bit of knowledge, it'd be nice for you to stick around and contribute from time to time. D
  13. NES/MFS October Giveaway ***Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus***

    READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING!!!! Mass Firearms and Northeastshooters.com would like to give away a Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus in October. How do you enter? Simple, if you're a GREEN member you can simply post in this thread "In" and I will add you to the drawing. If you are not a...
  14. Afghanistan Exit: Aussie 'Digger' Troops stuck in Dubai, no hotel, can't return home yet....lol

    I told him that, then I've started watching the news out of there. It's going to be a shitty 9 months.
  15. Afghanistan Exit: Aussie 'Digger' Troops stuck in Dubai, no hotel, can't return home yet....lol

    I am so happy my son is training with the Aussies on the island for the next nine months. [thinking]
  16. Canada Goose

    Scout early morning and before sundown, the resident geese have their favorite areas and should visit them often. I've shot them over water during early goose, but from my experience they like the fields more in the early season.
  17. Piston Driven AR-15s

    Completely anecdotal evidence but I have to disagree with this. My LMT piston AR ran flawlessly, literally never once had a hiccup. Never used a suppressor with it but had a dozen 2K round training sessions with it. You could probably make the case for the "piston kits" IMO they are garbage...
  18. Can't find NES on Tapatalk

    Tapatalk is Chinese software with vulnerabilities. Xenforo is optimized for use on phones without the need for a Chinese add-on that has access to the db.
  19. Gavin's unhinged interview

    This is the new election strategy the left has now. They perfected it and when they have nothing to lose they run with it.
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