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  1. Help me buy a new handgun

    This all the way. You can find a gen3 G19 for a reasonable price. You just need to have patience and check the classified here on a regular basis.
  2. Any collectors interested in Stoeger .22 CB Caps or 6mm Blanks?

    My friend found these cleaning out his uncle's place. They look older, not sure if they have any value. Figured I'd post here and see if there was any interest.
  3. DCF protects children from guns and.....nothing else

    I wonder if you could tell them that you have removed all firearms from the house. Then say that you have personal items in there that are none of their business. If they demanded the safe be open, tell them to get a warrant.?
  4. DCF protects children from guns and.....nothing else

    Ok so I have done some digging on my own because I know this guy doesn't want to make waves and chance losing his grandson. I had to talk to 5 different DCF workers in various departments before someone could actually send me their exact policy on firearms. Here it is: Any...
  5. DCF protects children from guns and.....nothing else

    Thats a great idea, I'm going to tell him to ask for their policy once this dies down and they get settled. this all happened within about 6 hours yesterday.
  6. DCF protects children from guns and.....nothing else

    Thats what I would do as well. After DCF left I told him he should have only showed him the smallest safe that had a couple beater shotguns. - - - Updated - - - Yes this is in MA
  7. DCF protects children from guns and.....nothing else

    There was too much to write in the first post but more is coming back to me. Like DCF said you can come home from work when the kid is in school and get your gun to carry. I love how this kid has been to the house 100's of times, lived there for over a year at one point and was perfectly safe...
  8. DCF protects children from guns and.....nothing else

    Last week I was unfortunate enough to have the pleasure of witnessing a DCF home safety inspection. An employee of mine was trying to get last minute custody of his grandson. He asked me to be there because they wanted character witnesses for him and his wife and he had misinformation that he...
  9. Ready to rock at the home front - your thoughts?

    I have a safe hidden on each floor of my house with 2 guns in each ready to go. However I carry 100% of the time I am home except for when I am sleeping so these are more for back up or a middle of the night trip to get a drink or something.
  10. Guns on Vacation ? (advice)

    Personally I wouldn't leave it in the car, won't do you and good there. Take the safe you have out of the car and hook it up to something solid inside the house. This is what I did last week while I was on vacation.
  11. Winchester white box ammo - is it normally this bad?

    Same here, its all my Sr9c ate for the first few months I owned it.
  12. Is it common practice to tip instructors?

    Thanks for the replies, I kind of figured I didn't need to but I just wanted to confirm.
  13. Is it common practice to tip instructors?

    I'm planning on taking a private class soon and was wondering if you guys usually tip the instructor or not?
  14. Let's see your backyard ranges

    Sooo jealous! Someday I'll have one. I keep telling my wife that all I want at our next house is enough land to shoot on.
  15. educate me on the 10/22

    Just get one, you'll love it. Everytime I take it to the range I wonder why I don't take it with me more often, it's that much fun to shoot.
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