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  1. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    If you use the Tapatalk app to access the forum you will not be enjoying it the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Rather than let you do it wrong, admins are making sure you use the site the right way. Users just don’t know what’s best for them sometimes.
  2. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    Seems like the folks running the forums have this figured out already. Using Tapatalk you’re not enjoying the forum the way they want you to. So by removing that tool they will make sure you get the experience they want you to have, instead of the experience you want to have. /This response...
  3. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    This is mobile friendly version comrade. Site admins have determined this is all you need and you do not need to use Tapatalk to access site.
  4. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    The main website has always worked on my phone. What it did not do, and still does not do, is provide the quality of experience that Tapatalk does. That may not be important to you, but it is to me.
  5. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    Still not working on Tapatalk? Any ETA?
  6. Why Am I Not Allowed To Use Classifieds?

    It's to prevent folks who don't contribute either content (I.e. Some guy who's only post is bitching about the classifieds) or financially from using the forum as their personal Craigslist.
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