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  1. Rare Breed Triggers Accused Of Creating "Machine Gun" Loses First Court Battle With ATF

    They asked for a preliminary injunction to block ATF’s ruling and court denied it. Not really the “first round”. The court case proceeds.
  2. BEWARE: GunBroker Phishing Attempt - I fell for it!

    Never log in through an email. Just go directly to the website.
  3. FBI Stats: 2020 Saw Twice as Many People Killed with Knives than with Shotguns and Rifles Combined

    454 killed using rifles of all kinds, a fraction of which involved AR-15s. Out of a population of like 350,000,000. It pains rational thought to consider this a meaningful problem to waste so much resources on. It’s all about getting votes by capitalizing on emotion. What a dumb society we live in.
  4. Obama Urges National Gun Reform — Senate Needs to Quell ‘Easy Access to Guns’

    The only common denominator is “young people, mostly young men, who have not gotten agood education, don’t have a good opportunity, are not seeing good role models, are living in neighborhoods that are frayed and fractured.” As is typical for Obama, he then seeks to identify gun control in areas...
  5. School me on the 225a1

    Longer barrel, no? I had a few 226’s and they were just larger versions of the 228/229. I realize the 225 is single stack but still seems larger in all dimensions except grip width. edit: 225 is about the same but is skinnier as Mike noted. 226 is dimensionally larger. I was getting 225/226...
  6. School me on the 225a1

    Isn’t the 225 larger than the 228/229? Can’t imagine carrying it. Love the 228/229 but can’t imagine carrying it when there are smaller and much lighter options available these days. No idea where the comment above comes from that the 229 is for large hands. It’s technically a compact - smaller...
  7. Places to shoot outdoors in NH

    Seems like shooting suppressed makes things a lot easier. I’m part of a club but there’s something to be said for being able to just go out in the middle of nowhere and shoot in peace.
  8. Form 4473 Address -- Legal or Mailing?

    Everything I have has my mailing address on it except the back of my DL has my legal address and of course the deed to my property has my legal address. For 4473 purposes, I will use the legal address. That is my residence despite that the mailing address is different. I am not trying to prove...
  9. Hoffmans In Newington CT. Victim Of "Crash & Grab" Robbery

    The whole smash and grab situation is laughable. Let's see -- decriminalize robbery under a certain substantial dollar threshold and then add to that an ability of a shop owner to be sued into oblivion by the perp's family if the perp is injured by the shop's security measures. Fabulous...
  10. Form 4473 Address -- Legal or Mailing?

    Thanks. I assumed that but wanted to check here. We have a rural mailing address (mail goes through a different town's post office).
  11. Form 4473 Address -- Legal or Mailing?

    Sorry for the dumb question, but haven't faced the situation before. New NH resident. Driver's license front side has mailing address. Driver's license back side has legal address. I assume I use my legal address on a 4473?
  12. Air Soft guns

    Evike.com. Search by model.
  13. Accidental Shooting Deaths By Kids Up 31%

    Do doctors ask about safe storage of knives, medicines and chemicals/poisons? Or the watching of CNN? I mean, the list of stuff that can kill you is never ending.
  14. Accidental Shooting Deaths By Kids Up 31%

    And medical malpractice. That’s the big killer generally and yet crickets. The anti 2A crowd doesn’t care at all about saving lives. It’s just gunz are icky.
  15. How to securely erase data from hard drives

    You guys are hilarious. Everyone knows a .380 will take down a hard drive.
  16. Karma 1911 Tool

    In. Very thoughtful of you.
  17. Ridgeline Training Facility Dalton NH

    Yes, they are next door.
  18. Ridgeline Training Facility Dalton NH

    Saw this on Google maps. Out in the middle of nowhere. Wondered if anyone knows anything about it. https://www.ridgelineshooting.com/the-facility.html
  19. golfstream kaput

    No problem. The grid held up well last unprecedented freeze…
  20. Hawaiian Felon Proves Just How Useless Gun Control Is

    Someone post the “I’m not saying it’s aliens but…” meme.
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