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  1. WTB WTB Ruger Bolt Actions

    Hello All, Looking for these 3 bolt action rifles, preferably stainless/synthetic: --Ruger 77/357 --Ruger American .223/5.56 (version that takes AR mags) --Ruger .22lr (I know Ruger has a few options in. 22 bolt action, would consider any) Thanks!
  2. SOLD Please Delete

    Please delete. Thanks!
  3. SOLD Removed Please Delete Thanks

    Removed. Please Delete. Thanks
  4. WTS SOLD please remove


    Price Drop. Make your old USGI mags look awesome with some protection. See pics. I also trimmed one down to fit on a 20 rounder to show it could be done. Came out decent (measure twice cut once!!!). These are all new. I have 9 for sale. $10 each. Can meet FTF in Westborough West Boylston area.
  6. WTS WTS/WTT Random Goodies from the Drawers

    Just cleaning up a little. Let me know if you're interested. -NEW Mission First Tactical One Point Sling Mount (slides on to buffer tube). $25 Cash (or trade for .223/5.56 brass @ $.50 per/rnd - no reloads) -(3) NEW Aero Precision A2 Flash hiders with crush washers; (were removed from new...
  7. WTB Ruger P89 Stainless with factory Hogue Grips

    Hello NE Shooters! Just throwing this out there, I'm looking to buy: Ruger P89 Stainless with the factory Hogue Grips Anyone have one and looking to sell? (Like the ones in the pictures I found online) Thanks!

    Reliance 10 Circuit Transfer Switch Model 310CRK New and unopened From the Manufacturer: 30 Amp power inlet box installs outdoors near where the generator will be used 10 ft. 30 Amp power cord goes from the generator to the inlet box 1 in. circuit breakers make customization easy, 2...
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