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  1. WTS Black Talon 300 Winchester ammo

    2 boxes of Black Talon 300 Winchester Mag ammo. 180 grain. 20 rounds per box. $40 cash Must have valid license. All laws followed. Quincy area. Text at 617-201-7602
  2. WTS 357 Sig ammo

    1500 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 125 grain 357 Sig. $1000 cash. Must have valid LTC. All laws followed. Quincy area. [email protected]
  3. SOLD Sold. Please delete

    NIB 686 21/2 barrel, 7 shot performance center pistol. Center tuned action. Never fired, never carried. Includes Galco RH holster and two pouchs and 4 speed loaders. $1400 cash. Must have valid LTC Quincy area. Text for pics. 617-201-7602 All laws followed.
  4. WTS 308 ammo

    Selling 800 rounds of 308. 500 150 grain American Eagle FMJ and 300 mixed. $600 cash. Must have valid gun permit. Quincy area. [email protected] All laws followed.
  5. WTS 40 caliber ammo for sale

    700 rounds of 40 caliber ammo for sale. 170 FMJ. 530 HP. Speer, Black Talon, Sig Sauer, Hornady, Winchester Ranger. $400 cash. [email protected] Quincy area. All Laws followed.
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