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  1. Jury reaches verdict in killing of Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco

    The shooter actually claimed he didn’t even know it was a gun when he picked it up and that it just went off when he picked it up. Shitty work by the prosecutor to not put more holes in that story. The way many stories still call him an “undocumented immigrant” really grinds my gears. He’s...
  2. Best typo I've read in a long time

    Jesus still in jail a year later?
  3. Jeffrey Lovell: fatal Chicopee shooting - indicted for manslaughter

    Hopefully someone points out to them that midday robberies and home invasions are pretty common since the house is usually empty or only occupied by the wife.
  4. 1911 in .380

    Colt stopped making the Mustang because they’re a bunch of dim witted **** nuts. Since Sig brought it back with the P238, Colt has restarted production to ride the wave.
  5. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    You know who the anonymous gun owner in the vid is?
  6. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Notice the rat they interviewed has a slide fire on his AK? Ought to dox him and drop a dime when the time comes that the clock strikes midnight and it turns into a machine gun.
  7. What striker fired gun?

  8. What striker fired gun?

    The VP9 fails the mallet test - in fact it was the repeat of that test on the P320 that led to the P320 recall. HK continues to deny any issues with the VP9 because you suck and they hate you. /It’s also well known that I only troll on Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays.
  9. What striker fired gun?

  10. What striker fired gun?

    If the question is P320 or VP9 the answer can’t be M&P. If it was none of the above, it would be Glock, because perfection.
  11. What striker fired gun?

    Sig is the only actual answer here.
  12. Mass Firearms School and NES November Giveaway! ***S&W SD9 VE***

    I wouldn’t take a Sigma if you were giving it away.
  13. Tell me about .38 Super

    For all the shit SIG gets about quality, all my SIG 1911s can mix and match slides and barrels, at least in same caliber. Breech faces are pretty close in size, but I wouldn’t count on consistent extraction / ejection.
  14. Daniel Defense Lays Off Large Percentage of Its Workforce

    Not for nothing, but of course you can. If you’re a manufacturer and cyclical demand for your product has dropped while competition has increased, cutting unproductive labor costs can absolutely help you turn a profit. If those labor costs were going to pay employees making products that will...
  15. Taunton: 13-year-old boy shot 12-year-old neighbor in case of “Facebook bullying"

    Apparently I can’t edit it due to an issue with Tapatalk. Post pointed out safe storage laws are just a tool for abuse by comparing this case w Pelham former chief case.
  16. Taunton: 13-year-old boy shot 12-year-old neighbor in case of “Facebook bullying"

    Comment got truncated and has been corrected. Are you naturally a douchebag or do you have to work at it?
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