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  1. Form 4473 Address -- Legal or Mailing?

    Sorry for the dumb question, but haven't faced the situation before. New NH resident. Driver's license front side has mailing address. Driver's license back side has legal address. I assume I use my legal address on a 4473?
  2. Ridgeline Training Facility Dalton NH

    Saw this on Google maps. Out in the middle of nowhere. Wondered if anyone knows anything about it. https://www.ridgelineshooting.com/the-facility.html
  3. Application for NH Res P&R

    If applying for a res P&R, what do you put for the reason why you are applying? Also, I assume can pretty much put down any 3 people for references? Thx.
  4. WTS (Edit: Withdrawn) Glock 20SF w/Optic and Extras

    (Edit: We are moving so I am withdrawing for now) Selling my G20 in excellent condition. Comes with a ton of stuff. Not interested in selling pieces of the package. Original Tupperware. Five 10 round mags. I radiused the trigger guard for additional comfort. Vortex Venom optic and EGW dovetail...
  5. Suppressors

    Noob question here. Can anyone provide guidance on general pros/cons of suppressors, whether they are just a fun to play with/tacticool concept vs actually helpful or functional (beyond the obvious noise reduction), what firearms/calibers work best, etc., or where to find some good basic...
  6. Replacement for Cable TV

    I know there have been some threads here on cutting the cable, but hoping to get some specific guidance for my situation. We pay around $250/mo for cable/internet/hard line phone (Fios). The Fios internet/TV/phone bundle is $140, then another $75 for services and equipment (4 boxes, multi-room...
  7. An NES Favorite: Wasp Nest Removal Help

    I’ve got a hive in a bird house that is right next to the house on a porch. I sprayed the crap out of it last night and killed some of them but woke up today and it’s business as usual for the bastards. I suspect because the hole in the birdhouse is so small that it’s hard to get spray into it...
  8. NH Non-Res Renewal

    Apologies if this has been ansewered somewhere, but does anyone know whether the renewal form is same as the initial application form? A quick search turned up the initial application form. I can’t remember what I did last time I renewed. And I am aware of arguments for and against having a NH...
  9. Ideas for Playing with a PL-880

    Dumb title, I know. I bought this little radio and wondering what suggestions folks here might have for a noob who wants to do some air wave surfing, preferably also get my kid into it as well (and off the computer). All suggestions welcome.
  10. Clays Shotgun for Wife

    I know the answer but am going to ask anyway. Wife wants to join me for occasional trap shooting. Just us and our little auto clay thrower. I bet she would go a handful of times throughout the year. Trying to make it a family outing. I have an auto loader set up for me and I am left handed. She...
  11. 4th Circuit Kolbe/Hogan Humor For You

    So I'm flipping this well-reasoned appeals court decision and there's a lot of dispelled gun control myths in it, but one rather comical tidbit that I thought folks would get a laugh over is as follows. Footnote 4 talks about the fact that the AR-10 is not covered by the ban, as it is...
  12. Politico Article: Support for AWB at Lowest Ever

  13. 10mm AR

    Can folks offer some advice on options for a 10mm AR? I think there are options out there but haven't looked recently. I think it's a dedicated build. Glock mags?
  14. 55 Gallon Plastic Drums

    Guys, I'm looking for 55 gallon plastic drums -- actually for sand use in winter. I know a lot of folks use them for food and other bulk storage. I'm in the Natick, MA area. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. MA AWB: 9mm/45 AR Upper Mags

    For you guys that have pistol caliber AR uppers, does it work under the AWB to permanently modify newer mags to limit them to 10 rnds? E.g., taking a GG mag and limiting it to 10 rnds?
  16. CCW Handgun Snowmobile/Offroading

    I assume fine with a NH resident or non-res permit? Another thread here says can't carry a loaded long gun in an onroad or offroad vehicle but otherwise no limits.
  17. 11th Circuit Upholds FL Law Prohibiting Doctors from Asking About Guns

    Searched but didn't see a thread. Sorry if dupe. http://news.yahoo.com/federal-court-upholds-fla-docs-vs-glocks-law-213010665.html While this issue has been discussed a ton here (there are other recent threads on the general topic) and while I hear the 1A arguments, I still think that it is...
  18. Luxury Gun Ranges

    http://news.yahoo.com/surge-in-luxury-shooting-clubs-caters-to-new-gun-culture-145240612.html Will the new Weston range qualify?
  19. Another Paper City Cerakote Job

    Thanks Marshall! Tactical Grey.
  20. Favorable Politico Opinion Article re: CO Recall -- Good Read

    Opinion: The plumber vs. the billionaire - Rich Lowry - POLITICO.com Shows exactly how the political process is unjust and stifles the expression of views by constituents, allowing corrupt politicians like Morse and Giron to ram through their agendas against the will of their constituents.
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