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  1. Coywolves

    Is a 22 magnum good for coywolves? We have an issue at the farm and am looking for something small and handy for me and my wife without a ton of noise or recoil. Other options might be a Henry carbine in 38, or a Mini 14.
  2. Mossberg 590 Light

    Looking for a light for my 590. It has picatinny rails on the fore-end. Want something that won't interfere with my hand. This is for my farm, so keeping coyotes away from my animals, as well as HD. Streamlight hlx looks like an option, but would it get in the way? Any other suggestions?
  3. Sutton, MA

    I recently moved to a new place in Sutton with some acreage. Does anyone know of any bylaws that prevent one from shooting on their property? I've looked through the bylaws and didn't see anything that would prevent me. In past towns there were clear no discharge of firearm rules. I have a...
  4. Gransfors Bruk

    I live near Worcester. Do any stores in the area carry these to look at? Looking for a scandanavian forest axe.
  5. Knife Recommendation

    I have a buddy that is going into the army right after high school. I'm looking for a recommendation on a nice EDC knife for his 18th birthday. Maybe a nice folding knife, $100-200? Also, are you able to carry a personal knife on you in the army after training? Would something fit that...
  6. Grafton - Shooting on Property

    Does anyone know for certain if there are any restrictions to creating a shooting range and shooting on your own property in Grafton? It would be on a big piece of land. Thanks!
  7. Red Ryder - Tis the Season

    Now that I have a wee one, just wonder if you had a bb/pellet gun growing up. Loved using mine in my little basement shooting range.
  8. That’s not my stuffed pony?!

    The Christmas Story photo’s got nothing on this. Hope your Christmas is da bomb!
  9. Vedder Holsters

    I've been using a crap holster for years and want to upgrade to something nicer. I'd like it to be a single clip, IWB, for a Springfield XDS 9mm. Vedder light tuck with the claw attachement seems to get good reviews. Yay or nay? Like the idea of adjustable cant and height to try different...
  10. Neck or Full Sizing

    About to get into reloading. Thinking about a Lee turret press for 44 mag and 308. For 308, it will be for a Rem 700 LTR as my precision rifle, and a M1A that I don’t expect to be as accurate. I think I can’t use neck sizing for two different rifles. But can I use a full sizer taylored for...
  11. Which 1911?

    Thinking about a 1911. I am in MA so am considering these. I need an ambi safety, and I hate the look of an external extractor. Purpose is mostly just for fun at the range, maybe trying out a competition. I realize these range in price widely, about $800 at the low end to $1,500. Will be in...
  12. HK45 or 1911

    My ammo order accidentally sent me some 45 ammo, so naturally I think I need one, always wanted one anyway. I was thinking about a Springfield Range Officer and adding an ambi safety, a Range Officer Elite Operator, which wouldn't be that much more than the regular RO after I pay for the ambi...
  13. My first ND

    Well just had my first ND in my house. Haven’t been getting much sleep lately and been kinda hazy, and had a feeling this was going to happen right before it did. The thing that really saved my bacon was the golden rule of always keep it pointed in a safe direction. So hit the wall away from...
  14. Beretta 92FS?

    Got my Henry last week. Thinking I’d like a new pistol, maybe a range toy, so it can be a heavier, longer slide pistol. I’m thinking the 92 might be that way to go. Yeah it isn’t the latest and greatest, but seems like an excellent firearm. I like the single action double action, and can even...
  15. Henry 44

    I'm completely stuck on which 44 mag to get, the carbine in 16.5 or the full 20 incher. Right now it would be for the range and just for fun, but would like to use it in the future for hunting, and as a farm gun. I like the idea of 10 rounds of 44, but then also like the little handier length...
  16. Muzzleloader Scope Needed

    Looking for a recommendation on a scope to replace the POS that came with my Omega. I have rings for a 1” tube, and I like the 3-9 mag, but could be swayed to other options. Thinking I’d like to spend less than $200, but will probably spend more like I always do. I’m probably only shooting...
  17. MA Muzzleloader Deer

    Just read the other thread on bow season extension in MA. If I use a muzzleloader, are 100% copper bullets prohibited? Sounds like they have to be lead rounds. Actually, sounds like copper jacketed rounds might be questionable as well.
  18. I’m gettin a Henry

    I saw some Henry rifles and was very impressed. Can’t decide on the 44 or 357/38. I have revolvers in both calibers. Thoughts? Mostly just for fun, maybe hunting at some point.
  19. Sig 938/XDs 9mm

    I'd like something a bit smaller in 9mm to replace my M&P 40c, which I just never grew to love. After a lot of looking I've narrowed it down to these two. The other ones you want to recommend just aren't comfortable. The XDs seems super simple and reliable, but the 938 has really small and a...
  20. GP100 Mods

    Two issues with my new GP100. 1) Single action, there is a little take-up on the trigger before it fires. Have an SP101 and a Redhawk that are much better than this. 2) The pin that holds the rear sight likes to slide out. They even put an extra in the box, so I guess it is a known...
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