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  1. M1 Garand Megathread

    Deer guts on a doorknob?
  2. WTS Ammo 7.62x51 >>>>>SOLD>>>>>>>

    2 cans of M80 ball $150/can 200 linked rounds/can. FTF no trades. PM here.>>>>>>SOLD>>>>>
  3. M1 Garand Megathread

  4. M1 Garand Megathread

    Just out of curiosity, how much were they asking for .30/06 ammo?
  5. M1 Garand Megathread

    Ken R's videos are GOLD
  6. What to name my snake?

    I call mine "Little Elvis" AKA the "One-eyed Viper"
  7. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Most of my brass is military... Decap and tumble Remove crimp (Dillon swager) Uniform primer pockets (Sinclair International solid carbide Uniforming bits). I feel this pretty well eliminates any chance of a slam-fire. Primers are then .004-.006 below flush. These tools (small rifle and large...
  8. What eye protection are you using?

  9. Colt Light Commander 9mm

    Greg, your work is amazing...as usual! Someday I hope to own an example for myself...;)
  10. 2021 CMP M1 Garand Clinic/Games/Match @ OCSA Pembroke Ma.

    Nice morning...hate to miss today's match, but I can't be there for this one... Good luck everyone.
  11. Issue with Dillon550b

    Best CS in the business. Get on the phone.
  12. Need help with pricing Dillion XL 650 with extras

    Looks like a good deal...
  13. Load Tester/ Unloader

    In, thanks!
  14. Headspace and Go/No Go Gauges

    Yes. /s
  15. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I get great results using the Dillon trim die/Rt-1500...then use a drill with RCBS carbide chamfer and debur tools... goes fast.
  16. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Any difference in weight? In the pic, the bottoms look more rounded on the new ones, so maybe the cg has been moved forward somewhat? EDIT: Didn't read to the end of the thread b4 posting...:rolleyes:
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