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  1. Averted a potential break-in

    The correct response would have been: [rofl]
  2. Hunting Noob here - what am I forgetting?

    Don't break the pelvis. Its unnessicary and I have no idea why anyone does that. Bring string or sergical tubing to tie off the ass hole after you cut around it. I would also think about taking a map, a compass, side arm/ammo, waterproof matches and maby sent, if your into that.
  3. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    That disguise... It seems legit [rofl]
  4. Cool Find!!

    Nice find!! Its a shame it had to die at the hand of a coyote though.. [sad2]
  5. Amalgamated Titanium AR parts

    That spinning reel looks awesome!!!
  6. Help choosing compound bow

    I would check out the Bowtech Assassin, its defiantly the best option for the money. Its all about how the bow feels to you, because you don't want to buy a bow just because its priced right and looks cool, because your going to need to shoot it a lot to get good at it.
  7. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised with how much growth has happened already. I cant wait till opening day of archery season!! [devil]
  8. Trail Camera Mystery Animal?

    Your a mediocre troll.
  9. Trail Camera Mystery Animal?

    No real depressions in the soil. It is covered by a thick layer of leaves and pine needles, which leads me to believe it was a lighter animal, because I can find deer tracks, which are located nowhere near the location of the picture. I think it may be a coyote or an extremely rabid raccoon. I...
  10. Trail Camera Mystery Animal?

    I didn't go back to check it yet, I went out when I got off work with my laptop and the cord, and pulled all the pictures off before I left. I will be back out tomorrow and I should be able to get some pics.
  11. Trail Camera Mystery Animal?

    I cant believe Julians rum and coke didn't spill, even after getting hit by Bubs and Rickey with metal bats [rofl] It very well could have been a bird, but the other pictures make it seem as if it were something standing on its rear legs. I was thinking a large fisher cat or coyote, but the...
  12. Trail Camera Mystery Animal?

    I set out my trail camera a few days ago so I could check out the new rack growth among deer in my area and I caught something that I cant identify on camera. It looks pretty strange, so I wanted to see if anyone could id it. The pictures aren't the best, but it is circled in orange.
  13. Legendary gunmaker Kalashnikov flown to Moscow for treatment

    Legendary gunmaker Kalashnikov flown to Moscow for treatment ? RT News
  14. AK gurus !!!! ak headspace/loose bolt.

    Romy G's have always been known for being kind of sloppy. If I were you, I would shoot it and if you notice nothing out of the ordinary, I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. Deer Slayer

    Your inbox is full, so I cant respond.

    Your inbox is full, so I cant respond.
  16. Anti-gun Liberal with a gun

    One of the many ignorant undertones of this article was her unwillingness to learn about the firearm she has just purchased. She seemed to only look for the flaws of her experience and was not receptive to any of the positive aspects, like having the opportunity to further her learning...
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