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  1. Sears Used To Sell *Everything*

    I almost had twingals once... Almost:(
  2. .22short

    Shawsheen Firearms in Billerica has it, or did when I was there last. I have a few sleeves I bought "just cuz" that I'll part with at whatever the sticker says if you're in a bind. PM is best...
  3. Is 380 only hard to find in the Northeast?

    I have a few boxes I can spare. Not sure about brands at the moment, they're comfortably locked away in another room, but it's all factory. Anybody willing to travel to Chelmsford/Lowell is welcome to drop me a PM.
  4. Buying ammo at Walmart

    Is a pistol a short rifle, or is a rifle a long pistol?
  5. Buying ammo at Walmart

    I was up in Salem NH last week, spur of the moment stopped by the local WM to grab some ammo… Just bought a 9mm carbine, so I wanted to stock up on ammo for it, first 9mm in my cabinet so I didn't have any… Anyway, bought 6 boxes of 50… When he asked after every box "What is this for?" I...
  6. Storing Ammo in trunk?

    It's the having balls AFTER...
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