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  1. need a workbench...

    I have this in my basement. Works well for cleaning and assembly of Lego guns. Big box, weighs about 100+. Solid, drawers have (thin) felt lining. Wouldn't drop an engine block on it but wouldn't worry about standing on it. Took about 2 hours to put together. Haven't done it yet, but locking...
  2. (Robo) dogs gonna be able to shoot back? Or, one more step closer to Skynet?

  3. Your ammo worries are over.

    I've been "investing" in precious metals for years. Started in earnest after the 22 scare a few years ago. At current consumption rates if I buy no more ammo, ever (HAH!), I have enough 22 to last until my grandkids (now 6 & 10) have children.. Similar quantities of 9mm, 45, x39, 223/556...
  4. More police protecting and serving

    I grew up in New Jersey,actually a couple of towns away from New Brunswick. Those guys were mild compared to some of the crap I saw.
  5. 24-7 Carry

    Lady Radtekk and I went away for a weekend trip a while back. I decided to lock up the various non-carry guns while we were gone. Took about 15 minutes to corral them and put them "away". 15 minutes after we got on the road I remembered one I'd forgotten.
  6. Deals and steals

    Sad commentary that 8¢/round gets posted as a deal. I still have a couple of Federal Champion 525 round bricks with Four Seasons price stickers at $17.95 each.
  7. Double checking on FOPA & Requirement to Inform

    Anybody passing through eastern Tennessee is welcome to shelter in place at Casa Radtekk. We provide safe storage, parking, Moonshine and a hot meal. Weather (and work schedule) permitting range time is also possible.
  8. More police protecting and serving

    I once tried to fight a speeding ticket. I truly wasn't guilty, but that's a story for another day. The prosecutor actually "rhetorically" asked the cop "You're sworn to uphold the law, would you lie under oath just to obtain a speeding conviction?" Guess who lost?
  9. Deals and steals

    Just got the email that my Savage in .223 is at the store. Probably pick it up after work Friday and put it on the shelf with the Maverick 88 I bought 2 years ago when I got here and the unassembled AR's I'm gonna build one of these days.
  10. Deals and steals

    I have the Axis 2 with the Accutrigger in 30-06, great rifle. Saw this deal, figured I'd grab it in 223 cuz bolt gun. Was out of stock last night so I said "f it" and dropped the 30-06 in my cart. Surprise, the 223 was back in stock this morning, which I have a LOT more, and cheaper, ammo for...
  11. Littleton Shitheads

    But does everybody have a Vax card?
  12. Deals and steals

    Lol. I have 4 of them in a box with a bunch of other parts. Hopefully one of them will actually work if I ever get around to opening them up:)
  13. Deals and steals

    Ah well... A five minute phone call to Amex tomorrow afternoon and all will be well😁
  14. Deals and steals

    I sent an email last night asking for a status update. 3 hours later I got Chinglish basically saying "We're processing, tracking info soon". So my confidence level has gone from about 1.6 to maybe 2.9 at this point. But if it doesn't happen, Amex is my friend and a trail of "See, I tried...."...
  15. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    I'm not there anymore, but I've always carried a 45. Springfield Mod.2 these days, but started with an xD45 I had when I moved there from AZ. Bought and carried a Kahr k40 for a while when I wanted a compact and couldn't get a Springfield for [email protected] prices. Carried a Shield 9mm for 6 months...
  16. Deals and steals

    I'll put in my Ken and Barbie playhouse...
  17. Deals and steals

    Tannerite. Lots of tannerite😁
  18. Troy Arms is leaving Massachusetts for Tennessee

    I'm a member of tngunowners.com,browse the classifieds, post occasionally, I'll look and see if it's been mentioned.
  19. Deals and steals

    Maybe (probably) so, but if it happens IDGAF. If it takes a month, so be it. If it's a scam, Amex is my friend :)
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