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  1. Best towns in NH for Proud Moonbats

    ...so I know what to avoid...dope Seriously, looking into buying my first home, and obviously NH > MASS. I am looking for places with a reasonable commute (~1hr max), plenty of land w/ your home (1-2acre would be the min). I would still be working in Mass for the foreseeable future, so...
  2. How far to drive to Gun Range?

    I'm looking for a place to shoot soon. I currently living in Medford now, but don't see a lot of clubs worth putting the effort into becoming a member of. I've looked at MRA, Danvers, Mystic, and Woburn sportsman...however, I kind of want to do Harvard Sportmen club seeings as it's probably the...
  3. NES April 14th Meet and Greet

    What: Tea Party Rally When: April 14th Where: Boston, MA - Boston Common Where specifically: Finagle Bagel What time: 9:30am. Point of contact : Franco 339-227-5717 I'll hold a sign for everyone.
  4. Multiple Choice Test on Gun Laws for LTC???

    Here is the break-down... My sister and girlfriend both took their basic pistol certification class last weekend. My sister went to the police department today, and the officer mentioned that she would have to take a 10 question multiple choice test on MA laws before they'd continue with the...
  5. Goodbye Free Market, Hello Socialism!!!

    Well...this Friday marks the first day of socialism. I don't think I have enough tin-foil to properly protect myself and loved ones. How to you all plan to spend the last few days of what we once knew as the American way of life.
  6. Defensive Snub Nose Ammo

    What are some excellent, proven defensive rounds for a .38spl snub nose out of a 2" barrel? At this moment I have some speer gold dot +P, i forget which weight ( i think 125...). What do you guys recommend? I plan on trying out a bunch before I buy anything in bulk.
  7. What's With All this GUN VIOLENCE Commercials?

    Couldn't help but notice the sharp increase in Anti-gun / Stop gun-violence commercials recently. The first time I saw one was on Fox25, go figure. But it didn't stop there, nope, it followed me on my TV entertainment voyage to the good old History channel. These commercials target the obvious...

    Anyone use this stuff that can give some feed-back on it? I just picked up a can to give it a try. It's the regular kind, not the synthetic safe one. Also, how do you go about using it? Do you just spray it, and wipe it off?

    From the Boston Globe: Make sure to notice the means in which people are killed. Some good those tough gun laws are doing. [thinking] http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2008_murders_in_boston/

    For those of you that look to your AR as your home-defense weapon, what brand/type/weight bullet do you use? I've heard mixed results, some ranging from typical 55grn Ball ammo, so 75grn HP's.
  11. Recommended 1911 recoil spring

    I figured I would order a couple extra recoil spring for my 1911, but I don't really know much about recoil springs. Question 1: Which is a good brand? I hear Wolff comes highly recommended. Question 2: Which weight does one go with for standard use? I heard 16 is the norm. Any help is...
  12. Ed's RED!

    I figured I'd post the ingredients of Ed's Red for those of you looking to make a batch of your own cleaner inexpensively. This stuff works great for everything but copper removal. 1 part Dexron ATF 1 part Kerosene - deodorized, K1 1 part Aliphatic Mineral Spirits 1 part Acetone...
  13. Bitten by the 1911 BUG!!!

    I picked up my first 1911 S&W last friday and took it to the range yesterday. Let's just say that up until that point I was an avid Glock guy. Holy shnikey's!!! So that's what shooting a pistol is supposed to feel like! [smile] I'll equate it to having sex w/o a condom for the first time. You...

    If your lovely Govt came knocking on your door to disarm you and the rest of us how would you guys react?
  15. Help from Boston Globe: Illegal Licensing!

    Matt Carroll from the Boston Globe is reviewing all of the paperwork GOAL sent to the Attorney General's office. If your local police department requires that any of the following accompany your application for an LTC or FID, please call Matt at 781.826.1053 or email him at [email protected]
  16. Range BAG Carry On

    Maybe I'm being paranoid. My range bag happens to be my backpack, i know [rolleyes]. Because I'm about to go on a vacation soon, I needed a carry-on bag for the trip. I've cleaned this bag out ridiculously, inspected every nook and cranny, and tossed it into the wash a couple times. My...
  17. online survival kits

    Hey All, I've been setting aside some $$ to start investing in a survival kit for two. Any advice? I saw one at survivalkitsonline.com and it seemed like a good starting place. I'd probably add more water/food/magnesium fire starter / ham radio/ multi tool (hatchet/shovel/saw).
  18. Any certified NRA trainers Southshore?

    Are there any NRA certified trainers near the Fall River area? My GF is looking for a class, but I will be joining her as well. Please PM me with any available oppurtunities. Thanks
  19. Break Free that has a DIFF SMELL???

    I just bought a can of Break Free CLP from a GUN shop, and i've noticed that it smelled different than normal. It smelled more like paint-thinner, rather than that "your gonna get cancer" smell of BF CLP? Is this normal? Did I buy an older type or a newer type? Haven't used it on anything yet...
  20. SLIP 2000 & 725 cleaner/degreaser

    Anyone here use their products and can testify???
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