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  1. Date of manufacture for S&W model 60

    as I posted previously in this thread: How to Identify/Date a S&W Note you can also call S&W and just give them the serial number and they'll tell you the born on date.
  2. Looks like this dealer stumbled on a hell of a collection.

    That particular dealer always has stuff like this, I've been drooling over some of his stuff for at least a couple of years. He's a chronic and blatant keyword spammer though so F him.
  3. Selling first gun online advice?

    He's selling a pistol and it will cost him nearly $100 to ship if he uses the cheapest method and discount codes. It will cost the FFL about 10 bucks via priority mail. He comes out ahead no matter what by using the FFL.
  4. Selling first gun online advice?

    plus you need to pay for the money orders you're getting so you lose money every time you do this silliness.
  5. Price check question.

    Nice! Or go with them to a shop so they can try on a few different models and help them choose and steer them away from the junk.
  6. Price check question.

    Is this really a friend or is this an acquaintance? We tend to use the term 'friend' for both when a friend is much more than someone you're friendly with. For a friend, let her pay what you paid.
  7. Mass premium charge for AR pistols?

    You can't get it transferred in MA because its not on the approved handgun roster. It doesn't matter that its pre-94 because its a pistol. And if you go through an 07 to do a frame transfer, now you're building an illegal 'assault pistol' when you assemble it because its no longer a pistol once...
  8. Selling first gun online advice?

    The money order thing is 90% paranoia. For some reason they think its completely untraceable like cash and the gubment won't know about it, not realizing a federal organization issued the money order!
  9. Selling first gun online advice?

    The FFL is shipping it, so this is his problem.
  10. Selling first gun online advice?

    DAMMIT! I have been looking for one of those FOREVER! Its the last piece I needed for my collection after I scored that Flobert Parlor Rifle!
  11. Selling first gun online advice?

    Because he probably didn't want to deal with all the lowball offers and skinflints here. Unless it was something special/scarce, he probably did better. I've done better at the local gun store and gunbroker than here with common and even slightly uncommon guns.
  12. Selling first gun online advice?

    Having your FFL ship to his takes it all out of your hands. Once you've cashed the money orders (good luck doing that at a post office if they are more than $500ish! they don't have that much on hand) just give it to your FFL and you're done.
  13. AR 10 meets a hot loaded hand load.

    Yeah the entire case except for the head is still in the chamber if you look closely. And what remains of the head is still stuck to the bolt face. Maybe a combo of an out of battery detonation and weakened brass? @Nick Leduc here's something to find out. Was the chamber a 7.62 or .308 chamber...
  14. Reloading Plated Bullets

    Using in a lever gun maybe?
  15. .45 Lpp vs. Spp test

    I noticed something similar using WSF powder in 45. The spp loads were quite different feeling and sounding from the lpp loads. No chrono though so I have no idea how different they were.
  16. AR 10 meets a hot loaded hand load.

    Any chance he could have seated an 8mm bullet in the case by mistake?
  17. AR 10 meets a hot loaded hand load.

    Gotta be wrong powder. There's barely any room left in the case so making a grenade like that that with too much powder is unlikely.
  18. Who is still a fan of gun shows?

    shocking :confused: I haven't seen any mention of what they charged to walk in the door yet, anyone?
  19. Why do people sell guns with 50 rounds through them?

    how about they got a box of ammo with it when they bought it and can't find any more ammo after shooting that box, or the ammo they find is too expensive so sell the gun.
  20. Northeast Gun Shows

    you know there's someone in the classifieds right now looking for a Garand
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