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  1. Best towns in NH for Proud Moonbats

    ...so I know what to avoid...dope Seriously, looking into buying my first home, and obviously NH > MASS. I am looking for places with a reasonable commute (~1hr max), plenty of land w/ your home (1-2acre would be the min). I would still be working in Mass for the foreseeable future, so...
  2. Lessons from Boston Marathon: Feinstein says Joe Biden's shotgun is plenty

    We should stick her in a round room and have her find the corner..
  3. Boston Terrorists did not have gun permits

    Typical left trying to turn everything/anything into a gun ban....period. Fin
  4. Where's the "How can we be part of the solution?" Megathread?

    I think the problem isn't with the laws, most of us are well versed enough in the matter to know better. I don't think there is a person on this forum that doesn't want to do something to prevent another tragedy. I know for myself I'm not afraid about the gun laws themselves, but that not only...
  5. Dicks no longer selling 'assault rifles'

    Somehow the phrase " cutting off your nose to spite your face" seems to fit.
  6. Is that a gun in your pocket...

    [rofl] I think I just pee'd on my glock..
  7. About 40 guns stolen from Lowell home

    They stole everything but the .40 calibers.....
  8. FL - Wife At Gunpoint, Husband Fires At Intruders Posing As Police

    I'm guessing he missed his primary target...
  9. "The US should be ashamed..." or, How the Norway shooting is your fault.

    Reading those comments on the board make me hate Europe even more. Let them live in their delusional state.
  10. FL - Wife At Gunpoint, Husband Fires At Intruders Posing As Police

    Yea, it wasn't really the gun to the wifes head that tipped him off that they were fakes, it was the fact that his dogs were still alive that made him think, "something aint right"...
  11. NJ - Off-Duty CO Shoots & Kills Craig's List Robber

    So I can barely hit a plate from 5 yards, yet I'm supposed to aim at someones leg (which might not do shit even if I hit it) while my adrenaline is pumping and he's pointing a weapon at me, while his buddy is approaching me from the side? I love how they simoultanously believe that we are not...
  12. Honduras: US "government" selling guns to gangs in Honduras

    they need the money to fight gangs...
  13. [NH] Governor VETOED SB88, More news coming tomorrow... [ugh!!!]

    Did that many people from MA really move up to NH that this pile of dueche was elected?
  14. 10 minutes of shooting FAIL

    i dont get liveleak at work [sad]
  15. Menino makes my bloop pressure rise agian..

    The NRA????? Am I in this alone, or is the city of Boston pretty much on lock down when it comes to trying to own a firearm legally? I think we need another 40ft by 200ft poster about the gun show "loophole" posted in dorchester, mattapan, roxbury. I wonder what those 3 towns have in common, and...
  16. Another reason to stop supporting the NRA

    If I stop supporting the NRA, are you going to take up the mantle and support gun rights on the federal level?
  17. New ride?

    Group buy + Car shoot = [smile] x 10, because it may take more than one car shoot to take her down.
  18. Should I (help me decide)

    I didn't see "buy Fsorrent a gun" on your poll.....this thing is rigged.
  19. How's this sound? (Anti-Gun Bills to be Heard in Massachusetts Joint Committee)

    That letter will really compliment the sound of his toilet flushing it.
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