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  1. UPS Lost my firearm?

    Shipping firearms with UPS UPS has special restrictions on who individuals can ship firearms to, as well as who an individual can receive them from. Currently, shipment and receiving are limited to: Licensed importers Licensed manufacturers Licensed dealers Licensed collectors
  2. UPS Lost my firearm?

    So, How does a Firearm....get mailed back to a Non FFL person via UPS. Does not compute. What about a New or Current FBI Nics check to insure that a Prohibited person does not receive it? You were waiting for something like an AK "Assault Rifle" or a "Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt Range" to...
  3. MA FFL rant

    Maybe a Gun Broker search for....."...phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range", a la 1984 Movie TERMINATOR is the Next UNICORN purchase. Just Buy it and Ship it to any MASS. FFL.
  4. MA FFL rant

    If I have read this correctly, I stand by the caution and content of CLASS3NH. And seriously, a "1 of 50" in country gun? Ya, That's all I need to hear.....NON COMPLIANT IN MASS. And OMG ! The Transfer Guy wants a "UNICORN GUN" That doesn't seem to be the customer anyone wants. Imagine...
  5. MA FFL rant

    NH FFL'S don't have to worry about State Produced Compliant Lists and Bans. No MA FFL wants a shipped in gun ( for transfer) that can't be transferred to the buyer that bought it. FFL's don't like running to Fed Ex. to ship "Your" Non Compliant Gun back to the seller or another FFL out of...
  6. Reading Selectman Intimidated By "Cops Driving Around Town With Guns"

    Good Bye to another Politician that Self Selected Himself for replacement.
  7. MA FFL rant

    Also, I forgot....The FFL Should risk his Hobby, Interest or Business by just meeting Your Requirements and Transfer? Note to Self.....No FFL is risking His FFL License for some "Joe-Blow" , in an Anti Gun Environment in this State. Nobody wants the Legal Trouble arising from anti gun...
  8. MA FFL rant

    CK30, I have sympathy for Your Frustration with the MASS. Compliant BS. I have no sympathy for your misdirected rant against the FFL's that you tried to do a transfer with? The small and large FFL is not getting rich on your $25 transfers. Some of those FFL's have no connection with you...
  9. Couple with homes in Mass. and NH facing felonies for voting in both states in 2016 presidential ele

    No sympathy here. If You and Your Husband both Vote in 2 different States? You Deserve the Charges and Penalty and Embarrassment.
  10. Need help identifying SIG 229 magazine

    Looks like an early Sig 228 , 13 rd , 9mm mag. to Me
  11. Traffic stops

    Folks.....Swatgig.......its not about political viewpoint. Its about a pro-active approach, in order to prevent getting pulled over and in turn broaching the subject of guns and LTC's. Simple, check Your S**T and don't sweat it.
  12. Traffic stops

    How do these people get pulled over so much? Drive according to established norms and at or close to established Laws. Routinely check mv for properly running systems. Ex. Headlights,brake light, inspec.sticker. etc. Have a nice Day!
  13. Traffic stops

    Sieve boy, Roger That! Why?
  14. NEShooters, LLC ?

    Lotsa Money mailed to Hollis! Not so much money mailed to Pelham? PFG Losing. PFG MEMBERS losing "But We Pay PFG for Range Rental". Bla Bla Bla
  15. NEShooters, LLC ?

    PaulR, Don't you mean Out of Pelham? LOL ...., forget it....inside Joke!
  16. 9mm AR

    I'm guessing the Colt would run the best, in the AR Platform?
  17. 9mm AR

    Colt does not offer a factory SBR 9mm AR-15. Only 16 inch brl and 2 SMG's. If Colt offfered a Semi Auto - SBR? Would it sell?
  18. GSSF

    TY ... Pelham never hosted a GSSF Event. It had been suggested at Pelham Membership Meetings, but the topic was never explored further. The match does demand alot of volunteer support and set up, despite the apparent rewards ( Prizes, Armorer support, Club Awareness, etc.). You still...
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