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  1. Piston Driven AR-15s

    I wish I never sold my Sig 556
  2. Piston Driven AR-15s

    These rock.
  3. BBQ Colt Commander

    I hear you, but for me, it would be a shame to hide that pistol away in a dark safe. I would never take it off and probably wear that gun to bed. Yeah it would get dirty and lint covered, but I would enjoy cleaning it!
  4. BBQ Colt Commander

    I was just looking at the photos (drooling over ) when it dawned on that the gun is so perfect, that the pictures almost look like animation. Like real high quality, expensive CGI. Stunning. Did you test fire the pistol? How does she shoot? If that was my EDC, I would train with it until I shot...
  5. Colt Light Commander 9mm

    Damn that is sexy.
  6. BBQ Colt Commander

    Wow. Another heirloom. Outstanding. And thrilled to hear your son is working in the business.
  7. Identification Help

    Looks like a Spanish Made Astra. Baby Browning knock off.
  8. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    That's what I was thinking. That round is a whole lotta lead.
  9. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Yeah, I'd say it's Big Bore. What caliber is that? 45-70? How's the recoil? Will it kill a T Rex?
  10. Does anyone have experience with the Sig 516??

    This. So I think the OP's thought process makes sense. Quality upper from a decent manufacturer, should yield decent results. Maybe not the best manufacturer, but far from the worse. And at that price you can afford to buy a few.
  11. Smoothest 9mm

    Damn, you are right. I just checked their website. All of them, no matter what size. I stand corrected.
  12. Smoothest 9mm

    Really, just about any quality full size metal gun is going to soak up 9mm recoil. Sig, HK, CZ, Baretta, take your pic. I think what makes the 1911 so nice to shoot are the ergonomics, feel in the hand, and the way the hammer drops. Most have a nice/ decent trigger too. And when the boolits are...
  13. First Defense Shotgun Recommendations

    I have an old Mossy 500 that I bought used in 92 for $125. Through the years I have modified it specifically for it's purpose with Magpul furniture, mostly because recoil was stout. But the best mod is also the cheapest. 10 round, detachable box magazines. With 6 in the gun, and 10 in the box...
  14. First of 12 Colt 1911 Calibers

    That was exactly the word that came to mind.
  15. I'll bring the ammo and pizza if...

    I am a mostly recreational shooter. Yes I have been to plates and pins matches, and I had a lot of fun, but I really like just going for an informal range session and dinging steel or dinging away at the dueling tree with my son. we will start of at 10 yards then move it back. My job just makes...
  16. Which grips took better?

    Of the two shown, I would go with the brown.
  17. Graduation Gift 1911

    Spectacular. It really is the subtle details that make a huge difference. I love the beveled mainspring housing and the bevel on the slide bottom. The contrast between the brushed and polished stainless give it almost a museum quality appearance. And with a match barrel, I bet it is a tack...
  18. Ruger shoots 4" high at 30 feet...

    I am pretty vocal about my opinion of Ruger firearms. I will say, I admire your loyalty. But my guess is that there is no other product in your life that you would continue to purchase from the same manufacturer, if you had similar results. Five bad Sony tv's and I bet you wouldn't buy a sixth...
  19. 1943 USMC Sweetheart Colt

    Pure awesome. Your posts always remind me what an icon the Colt 1911 is. The initials are a nice touch. What does the H stand for?
  20. Double Your Fun 1911

    What a beautiful piece. If it shoots half as good as it looks it is a treasure. I love the lines and when I look at it, I really appreciate why the 1911 has been called "Old slab side". Truly a work of art.
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